** someone else. The parents went to Zeus

** someone else. The parents went to Zeus

** Stars *A long time ago in the deep dark forest of Astrum lived two brothers named Josephus and Tomas. These two brothers were always getting in trouble, trying to outdo each other.

The two were always in competition against one another. When one jumped, the other had to jump twice as high.One day their competitiveness had gone too far. As usual they could be found in the field romping and playing. This day was like no other though. The two brothers were playing with rocks and were seeing who could throw theirs the furthest.

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Josephus went first and threw his rock high and far. It landed on the other side of the field. Next was Tomas. He got ready to throw the rock and launched it across the sky.

It went further and further into the deep forest, when all of a sudden they heard the sound of glass breaking. The two ran through the forest to see where the glass shattered. When they saw what had broken they were extremely scared. The window to their house had a big hole from the rock. Afraid what there parents would say; they tried to think of ways to fix it. To their dismay they could not think of anything. Later that day when the boy’s parents saw what happened, they called them in to have a talk.

The two parents were at wit’s end about what to do with the boys. They were always very mischievous which only led to more trouble. When the parents could not think of any solutions to their problem they decided to talk to someone else. The parents went to Zeus in search of help. When they described their conundrum to him he thought he should have a talk with the two. When he went down to their house the boys were intimidated when they saw him. He told them to sit down and after his command they sat right down.

He talked to them telling them that if they don’t behave like proper boys soon, there would be big repercussions. The boys took heed to his warning and started to behave better. After awhile the parents were amazed at how well the boys were doing. Zeus checked up on the boys, and was also very pleased that the boys listened to his warning.

Zeus was so happy that he sent the two boys gifts to show them he was proud. The gifts intrigued the boys as they opened them up. When they saw what they were they began to play with them. Unbeknown to Zeus he had just given the boys the materials to create fireworks. After awhile of playing with their gifts, the boys found out what they could create with them.

They loved how the fireworks looked and sounded so they tried to make more. There competitiveness had gotten the best of them again and they both tried to make bigger and better ones than one another. After playing around they started to set them off again. Although they were having fun they did not know what was going to happen.

They began setting them off in the forest one after another. That is until they came to the last firework. They had worked together on this one, wanting to make it the biggest one ever. After setting it off, they walked a little ways away, not wanting to get hurt. After it began there were loud cracks and sparks everywhere. They boys were jumping up and down in excitement. That’s when the sparks hit a tree and it began to catch on fire.

They boys not knowing what to do, ran and got there parents. When they got back to the forest though it was to late and the forest was already burnt down. When Pan god of the forest found out what had happened he went straight to Zeus. When Zeus found out the Josephus and Tomas were behind this he was enraged. He had no other choice than to punish them. Zeus told the boys he was very disappointed in them.

When everyone found out their punishment, they were in shock. Zeus had banished them into they sky. They would have to stay in the sky for the rest of eternity. Every night the boys still compete to make the best fireworks up in the sky. When looking up in the sky at night, we see the fireworks, which to us are the stars in the sky.

So, when you look up into the sky think about Josephus and Tomas, and how they still try to outdo each other every night.

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