Andromeda the sisterhood The liminal hero has moved

Andromeda the sisterhood The liminal hero has moved

Andromeda is a herm pillar St.

George defeats a dragon = paganism is replaced by Christianity Perseus travels to the axis mundi (which is always a narrow passageway) He attends Hippodameias marriage where he uses the gorgon head (transmutation of Athena) and changesthe dinner guests into stone (herm pillars) He changes the whole nature of Mycenae of the Old Minoan tradition into the age of Zeus The meaning of Mycenae is changed to mushroom, from what it had once been named after the sisterhood The liminal hero has moved forward to Zeus role Another story of Perseus (backwards version)——————————————————————————–His dads name is Proitos, and moms name is Strong Cow (Queen) Proitoss daughters are named as the sisterhood of Proitides The Proitides start itching because of the oestral cycle and they become cows They encounter Perseus and tear him to pieces Another Perseus——————————————————————————–His name is Bellerophon, which means killer of Belleros He also rides on Pegasus just like Perseus He comes to Strong Cows city Strong cow gets the oestral itch and falls madly in love with Bellerophon He keeps away from her The queen lies to her husband Proitus and says that Bellerophon had raped her Proitus gives Bellerophon a letter that tells him to go to Africa=underworld Bellerophon goes to Africa and then is sent on a mission to find a deadly beast named Chimaera that iscomposed of a lion with a tail of a serpent. He is successful in finding the Chimaera. And during his mission he sleeps with many women from the underworld. While riding on Pegasus, Pegasus smells the mares on heat on Mt. Olympus and rushes to get there.

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Bellerophon falls from Pegasus and is maimed. He wanders in the midst of Asia. Hercules (in Greek= Herakles)——————————————————————————–If one is moving towards and Olympian identity, they should leave behind their physicality. Herakles gets his name from Hera, sinister name named after the goddess. The false atamology of the name means killer of Hera, or the great queens finger guy. He leans on a pillar and is the pillar guy of the goddess.

He is associated with the entheogen of the club=the trunk of the olive tree; lion skin; archery =toxins; andcup of wine Antias——————————————————————————–He is the one who greets you when you come to the underworld. He is an African who has a close association with mother earth, and is chthonic. When you get to the underworld, you must wrestle with Antias The contestants wrap themselves around each other, which is the antithetical version, they love and hateeach other at the same time To defeat him you must raise him into the air, because when you throw him to the ground he gets stronger. Triton——————————————————————————–antithetical version of what Hercules is He must wrestle with Hercules The fish guy Birth of Hercules——————————————————————————–Dad= Amphitriton and Mom=Alkemene (strong woman) They were cousins from Mycenae. Amphitriton kills Alkmenes uncle and they are in exile and they are forced to go to Thebes @ the base ofthe great mountain.

Amphtriton drops off Alkemene at Thebes and goes to the far west to fight with the Teleboans. Zeus sleeps with Alkmene disguised as Amphitriton many times in one night On the same night Amphitriton comes back and sleeps with Alkmene Alkemene has twins, Hercules is the son of Zeus, and Iphikles is the son of Amphitriton When Hercules is nine months old, Hera send serpents to kill him Hercules rescues his weakling brother, Iphikles and Athena appears as the anima. At this time, Amphitriton notices the difference between his two sons.

Since gods belong in the wilderness, Hercules is set on the mountain outside of Thebes. Athena tricks Hera into nursing Hercules, and Hercules bites her nipple, causing a stream of milk to flowinto the sky becoming the Milky Way. Hercules fight with the Lion——————————————————————————–The lion skin is Hercules emblem.

He encounters the Lion at Nemia which is a place associated with the old religion. The lion lives in a cave that opens into the underworld. Lion (Nemian Lion) is the consort of the goddess, and is associated with shamanism Hero changes this entheogen from the old meaning to the new, which requires a hallucinogen. It is harder to break the addiction from capturing the lion as you go deeper into the cave. Spring of Lerno——————————————————————————–Opens up the underworld which is the stronghold of Hera. 100 mouths of water move up into the sky. Hydra is a water monster that has 100 heads (suggestive of a plant) As you cut off the heads of the Hydra more heads pop up, You must play against nature herself to defeat the hydra You must coterize the heads so they dont grow back.

Eolaos= Hercules sidekick and the son of Iphikles, nephew of Hercules. Hera tricks Zeus She tricks him by making an agreement that whoever is born nine months after a certain date will inherit theOlympian tradition. Zeus thinks that the child who will be born on that day is Hercules and agrees to her proposal. Hera fastens the birth of Eurystheus born from Strong Cow, and delays the birth of Hercules fromAlkemene. And at the appointed time Eurystheus is born instead of Hercules. Date: 08-NOV-99 Semester: Fall ’99 ——————————————————————————–He returns our midterms and the class is only 30 minutes long.

Every time he does his labor, he gains Olympian heritage and every site that Hercules goes to is a stronghold of the old tradition and religion. He changes them to the tradition of Zeus =>Apollo is jealous becauseHercules might be the better son of Zeus. In all of these episodes, Herakles must travel to the underworld; always has an anima or animus; and isalways fighting another version of himself. Herakles labors (total: 12)——————————————————————————–1) Defeating the Hydra with the help of Eolaos 2) He tames Kerberos the bitch who is the guardian of the underworld. It has 3 heads and a serpentine tailand is associated with wolfsbane (sinister connotations: poison). Hercules captures and tames it by bringingit out of the underworld.

Hercules is later infected by the toxin, wolfsbane that reverses the hybridizing ofwolves. Hermes, the anima, helps him leave the underworld. 3) Capturing the boar of Mt. Eremonthos 4) He gets rid of all the long necked birds that infest the Stimphalion Lake.

5) He must capture the reindeer that turns into an olive tree once it crosses the border. The reindeer is afemale deer that grows horns. As he chases it he cannot shake the addiction, which means that the reindeerhas a botanic identity. After he captures the reindeer, he must pluck the golden horns. The horns, onceacross the border, turn into an olive tree, and is said to be the third of the first olive trees (Delos, and theone made by Athena are also considered to be the first olive trees). 6) At Mt. Eremonthos, there are many centaurs who engage themselves by drinking and brawling.

Herculestries to kill some of these wild centaurs and accidentally shoots Cheiron (the good centaur). Cheironbecomes intoxicated and crazy, but since he is immortal he cannot die. Hercules frees Prometheus whocreates a cure that ultimately kills Cheiron and rescues him from his pain.

7) Diomedes has a couple of mares that eat human flesh. Hercules feeds Diomedes to these mares. 8) He fights against the Amazon women. 9) He wrestles with the Great Cretan bull (consort of the goddess/cow queen) whom he encounters innorthern Greece. 10) He battles cattlemen. 11) Apples of Hesparades: He sends Atlas (holds earth separated from Heaven) into the garden to pick theapple 12) He cleans the stable of Algea at Olympus. Origin of Centaurs:——————————————————————————–Ixion, a crazy man, believes that he could make love to Hera.

But instead of having sex with Hera, he hassex with her mirror image Nephele cloud. The child of Ixion and Nephele is named Centaur (he may nothave been a centaur). Centaur mated with a horse, and produced more centaurs.

Date: 10-NOV-99 Semester: Fall ’99 ——————————————————————————–Augeias=shining person. By using the power of nature and reorienting the river, Hercules is successful in cleaning up the stables atAugeias The fertile plain that results is sacred to the goddess and is located on the west shore of the NorthernPeloponnesus. Olympia The most sacred buildings are closer to the hill commemorating the goddess. The Great Alter of Zeus: here, the sacrifice is given to the god by burning the inedible parts (the pastidentity of the gods) and sending the smell and incense, leaving the ashes behind. The whole Olympian family contributed to this pile of ashes, burnt at different locations from Zeus alter. Temples are made of colonnades wit a porch, either in the front or the back with a central chamber. Alltemples must be approached from the eastern side.

The artist, Phidias, made a sculpture of Zeus with sheets of ivory and his clothing was made of gold. Lionsand other female symbols are placed beneath him to show the subservient nature of women. In one hand, heholds his favorite daughter, Athena. He gives Athena to the winners of contests. The victors are the onlyones allowed in the temple. Herakles planted the first olive tree in Olympia, and founded Olympia.

After claiming the prime land for Zeus, he should have received something, instead, Apollo received thespot on the building inscribed next to Hippodameias marriage. There is another Hippodameia who was the daughter of the previous king of Olympia named Oynomaosmeaning crazy. Oynomaos made everyone who courted Hippodameia to race against him. If the courter lost,he would be hanged. The 12th one of the courters, Pilaps, wins because Merciles sides with Pilaps andreplaces Oynomaos wheel with wax. Oinomaos dies and Pilaps rescues Hippodameia and marries her.

Olympia could have also been founded by Pelops Pilaps and his ivory shoulder——————————————————————————–Tantalos, Pelops dad dined with the gods, and one day served his son to the gods. The gods refused to eatthe food, and put Pilaps back together. Demeter had nibbled on Pilaps shoulder and that part was replacedby a piece of ivory.

Everyone who came after Pilaps also had ivory as his shoulder. Tantalos is put in theunderworld and is tormented by food. There was another Hippodameia whom Hercules rescues. (there are many Hippodameias in the worldbecause all it means is horse woman).

Temple of Hera ——————————————————————————–It is an old temple because the goddess feels supreme. A particular stone replaced the wooden columnsbecause they had rotted. There is a disc that still remains @ the apex of the roof. The wall that surrounds Olympia marks off the sacred ground from the profane.

The roundness of one of the structures was in the shape of a tholos as well as a bee hive. It was in betweenHera and Zeus temple. Herotus Attikus who gave Athens the theatre, gave a fountain to Zeus near the Kronian hill given in thename of his wife Queeny. The place where the contests are held where there are no bleachers. Sports At Olympia——————————————————————————–The goal is to overcome female and mother nature. It takes place in the nude, and women are not allowed tobe present.

One lady had disguised herself as a man to see herr family members perform in the contests.They discovered her, but let her stay since her family members were victors. Athletics are done to musicthus gracefulness and strength are both important. There was no respect for the loser and the winning familycould justify aristocracy from the gods.

Only wealthy people could really fight originally. Later the citywould sponsor an athlete to train to fight at these competitions. Pentatheletes were people who competed infive events. Weightlifting (defying the force of gravity) Jumping with hand weights (must learn to trick nature by using the rock to jump further) Wrestling (agnostic erotic embrace) Boxing (gloves channels the force of nature and is weighted).

Discus Throwing Javelin throwing Running Racing with animals (the owner, not the rider gets the glory for the victory) There was a contest for women at the Temple of Hera where the women race called the Festival of Hera. Date: 12-NOV-99 Semester: Fall ’99 ——————————————————————————–He will return our Persona Papers on Monday =) Marriage——————————————————————————–The Marriage moment puts the heroes career on the line. During a marriage, females often revert to femaledominance even though they are determined to be docile. (An example is seen in the theatres when womenwere not allowed to go.

But during the Hellenistic Age, women gained their powerful role again). Womenstumble upon their power bases. Hercules 2 Marriages——————————————————————————–1) Megara = miss chambers (can be seen in Euripides play) 2) Deianeira (can be seen in Sophocles play) Euripides Play——————————————————————————–Herakles has his two fathers Zeus, and Amphitryon. Amphitryon cares for Hercules while Zeus does nothave the human love bond that the others possess. There is a saying that it is better to lose than to win, or itis better to be human than divine. The audience who watches the play becomes emotionally involved andcries and boos for characters.

Megara says that there is no sense in trying to keep up a fight, when theymight as well be dead. She requests for them to be dressed for death when Lykos comes to kill them. Just intime Hercules comes to rescue them, but because of Megaras love for Hercules, she reversed the world.Hercules kills Lykos, but then he goes insane and kills his family through madness. He almost kills his dad,but Athena stops him by throwing a stone at him.

It would not have been good if he had killed his humanfather, because he would have lost touch with the human world. Lyssa = madness = the she wolf =the madness of rabies reveres the course of evolution. Theseus buries Hercules under Athens and becomes the founder of Athens. Sophocles Play——————————————————————————–Deianeira is frightened of men because she is at puberty and views men to be bestial and wanting sex.

Hercules saves her from these bestial serpent men. But shes still scared because Hercules is gone for a longtime and she feels as if she is being used. On their marriage night they were crossing a river where theymeet a centaur named Nessos. Hercules shoots poison at him and while he is dying he gives Deianeira apotion that he says to give to Hercules if she wants control. Hercules has sex with Omphale.

Omphale is a very dominant woman, and wears the lion skin whileHercules is made to wear a dress. Hercules brings home a group of women that he raped. One of them is Eolae who is a princess who has novoice. As soon as Deianeira sees her, she believes that her beauty will cause her pain. As a result she usesthe potion by sprinkling it on some female clothing and giving it to Hercules.

Hercules is intoxicated andDeianeira kills herself so as not to be killed by Hercules himself. When he comes back 2 Africans attack him because they did not see any blackness on him. Butunfortunately Hercules had a black (hairy butt). He hangs them upside down. Hercules plans his own funeral cuz he knows that hes going to die. Hercules directs his son to marry Eolae,which adds more confusion, and he is burned after dying so he can ascend to Olympia. Theseus——————————————————————————–Theseus =set =settled on a stone =herm OR he puts stones down to settle a place by burying pollutionbeneath it.

Peirithoos = Theseus sidekick and best friend. They met at the marriage of Hippodameia. These guys liked each other so much that they wanted to have a double wedding. Theseus wanted the Helenof Troy (a powerful woman who married 5 men and didnt have sex with people before she married them).Peirithoos wanted Persephone whom they abduct. They also abduct the Amazon women and Theseus tookone as his wife.

Date: 15-NOV-99 Semester: Fall ’99 ——————————————————————————–Theseus is responsible for refounding Athens (made it patrilineal).——————————————————————————–King of Athens at that time = Aegeus = the goat man= the goat consort of the goddess is having troublegetting a son. Children of Pallas had the claim to the throne. Aegeus goes to Delphi (the great conduit, the cosmic axisbetween the world and the underworld) and asks the priestess how he should get a son. The priestessanswers Dont untie the wine sack until you get home. @Corinth there is a spring of the owl maiden.

——————————————————————————–Aegeus encounters the great witch Medea = queen who comes from Africa. Medea loves a man named Jason whom she has sex with, but he decides to marry the princess at Corinthinstead of marrying Medea. Aegeus shows up and Medea wants revenge. She takes revenge by killing herchildren and thus Jason also dies. She trades the answer for Aegeus riddle to get a place to stay after shedoes her deed. The answer that she provides is that Aegeus is a goat, and that he should not have sex till hegets home to have sex with her. Entrances to the underworld are usually very beautiful.

King Pitthens = pine tree, puts Aegeus (whos drunk)with his daughter Aithra = ether= a highly intoxicating liquid that turns to vapor. Aithra is a turncoat. Shewalks across the plain and jumps into the water and makes it to Porous. She falls asleep and sleeps withPoseidon on the same night as she sleeps with Aegeus. Aegeus placed two tokens underneath a rock, whereAithra takes her son Theseus to when he reaches puberty. He receives a sword and one sandal.

After Aegeus goes home he sleeps with Medea and they have a child named Medos ( who will later be theancestor of the Persians), named after the queen. Theseus 6 Labors——————————————————————————–The place where the labor occurs is usually a place of the old civilization. 1.

Sinos the tree man who uses 2 trees to tear apart his victims. 2. Skeron he would ask u to tie his sandal and then push you off the cliff.

There after u fell, a huge turtlewould eat u. 3. Procrustes has a bed and if you visit him u must sleep there. If your penis is to long he cuts it shorter, andif its short he stretches it out.

4. Encounter with the Bull at Crete 5. ? 6. ? At Marathon he probably picked up his sidekick Perethous Medea is a witch who knows that Theseus is coming and she knows that he will be a threat because he is theson of the father. She makes a poison, but he does not drink it and birds drink it. Aegeus recognizes his sonand they fight a great battle for patrilinity in Athens. At Crete there is still a stronghold of the old religion.

7 males and 7 females must be sent to Knossos to besacrificed, or actually dance with a bull. Theseus fights this bull. Origin of the Bull——————————————————————————–Broadface = Europa = the queen of Africa (has a puffed up face like the Gorgon Medusa) She has an affairwith a bull who is actually Zeus in a disguise.

She goes to the ocean with her sisters and is raped by thisbull. It is not really Zeus but th older version of zeus as the consort of the Queen. He may have used anentheogen to swoon her away.

She journeys on the bull across the waters being led by a bird with a longneck with Eros following them. Europa gives birth to Minos at Crete. Minos gets married to Pasiphae whois the aunt of Medea. Pasiphae has estrual lust for a bull in Minos crowd. Daidalos (a craftsman) helps herby building a fake cow for her to climb into so that she can sleep with the bull. She gives birth to a childwho is half bull and half human = Minotaur. Date: 17-NOV-99 Semester: Fall ’99 ——————————————————————————–Umphae is a female version of Apollo You do not drink from the golden cup, it is a ritual cup usually decorated with a theme.

Daidalos built a labyrinth to house the Minotaur and he too was held in captive in the labyrinth and madewings with beeswax. Daidalos tells Icarus, his son, not to fly too high up because the wings were melt=thisgives the name Icarian see = myth of antagonism of fathers and sons The palace of Minos was the place of the deadly dance. ——————————————————————————–The myth is similar to the true history = form of labyrinth which is the emblem of the mother goddess andthe womb passage.

Athens was one of the cities that had to make an offering. Theseus arranged to be chosen as one of thefourteen sacrificial victims Minos with Theseus goes on a journey and throws a ring into the sea Theseus gets it proving that Poseidonis his father Theseus confronts the Minotaur. Date: 19-NOV-99 Semester: Fall ’99 ——————————————————————————–Herakles ——————————————————————————–Is not identified with any particular city and is a very sad figure. There is only one story in which he goes to Olympus where he refounds the whole world to a new religion.(Tragedy is a losing phase). Hippolytus——————————————————————————–Theseus puts a curse on the son of Hippolytus and it becomes clear that he is Poseidons son. In Athenian plays the hero and the wife are played by the same person (doubling of roles).

Aphrodite is mad because Hippolytus is one sided and is in love with Artemis. Aphrodite, and Thedra isplayed by Artemis actor. Thedra wants to be Artemis and be in love with Hippolytus. She does not want to live in the liminal world. She wants to be Artemis but is forced to be Aphrodite. This all leads to the similar solution of fasting.

Theseus cannot have a Minoan wife, matrimonial son, and horse relatives. The remedy is that Thedra commits suicide and Hippolytus is dragged to death by horses. Human is thecivilized form of worship. Jason——————————————————————————–Yasum drug man and a witch = Hera in decline and Hera becomes an anima. Jason takes her across theriver and loses her sandal.

He is sent on a Heros quest to get the golden fleece. Argo ship——————————————————————————–Argonauts. They fight the snake and get the golden fleece.

Has the wife Medas. Kadnis refounds the inside of Thebes and Dirce is the first founding of Thebes. He follows the cow, killsthe snake, plants the teeth and a crop of men grows. He gets Harmony as his wife. Re-refounding of Thebes Antiope founds the outside and has an affair with Zeus Sons names are Anthean and Priapos. They kill Dirce saving their mother. Date: 29-NOV-99 Semester: Fall ’99 ——————————————————————————–The Final class will be on Dec. 8, 1999 You must know the mythology of Thebes. Today he passed back our Persona papers. Myth

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