Recruitment A business can choose to recruit internally or externally

Recruitment A business can choose to recruit internally or externally

A business can choose to recruit internally or externally. Internal recruitment has its advantages which are that employees are already familiar with the business and how it operates, it is cheaper and quicker to recruit and the business already knows the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate. The disadvantages are that there are no new ideas being brought into the business, limits the number of potential candidates and it opens another job vacancy which would need to be filled.
The advantages of recruiting externally are that candidates have a wider range of experience, candidates could offer the business fresh ideas and there is a larger range of people to find the best candidate. The disadvantages are that it is a much longer process, more costly due to advertising and required interviews.
The first method of external recruitment that could be used by a business is to use a recruitment agency, they work for a fee and usually specialise in particular recruitment areas. They will provide employers with the details of suitable candidates for a vacancy.
The second method could be job advertisements, these could be found in a wide range of places including different job websites, local newspapers, social media etc. Advertisements should include the job title, location, job description, pay package and how to apply.
The third method could be using a job centre. Places have job centres specifically to support the unemployed to find jobs or to find training.

Interviews are the most common selection process used. Interviews are usually a series of questions to find out if the candidate would fit in/will they do a good job. An interview could either be a panel interview with several people asking questions or they could just be one to one.

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Satisfactory references are often required to be selected for a job vacancy, an employer can either give a basic reference which would just state the applicants name, job title and the length of time they worked for that business or a reference could be in more depth which could include asking for the amount of time they had of sick, about their performance, reliability etc.

Personality tests are also used as these assist employers to evaluate how you are likely to handle relevant work related activities such as complying with rules and regulations, working as a part of a team, leading others, managing stress, solving problems and many more.


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