Introduction Managing Human Resources in Health and social care Human resource manager

Introduction Managing Human Resources in Health and social care Human resource manager

Managing Human Resources in Health and social care Human resource manager (HRM) role is to hire and develop, employees so that they can be more valuable to the organization. The Human resource manager (HRM) duties are to implement policies, developing programs and regulating, training and concerns of the employees. Heathfield M. Susan (May 14th, 2018).
HRM duties also entails performances, employee’s wellbeing, managing diversity and health and safety also employment laws, recruitment and selection, and learning. The HRM are there to indemnify the organization needs. Ulrich, D (1998).

1.1 Considered when planning recruitment of Individuals to work in health and social care.
The changes which are going to take place at London Nursing Home. First a plan needs to be drawn up. The employees at London Nursing Home needs to be terminated some can be transfer to another home and be retrained. The way to this is through the appraisal method. This can determine the employee progress and performances. Which are not good. The Human Resource manager (HRM) must assess the situation to decide what cause of actions to be taken and to take in account availability of labour, skills, education and employment cost training, person specification. Human Resource HR needs to look at London Nursing Home (LNH) internal environment inside the organisation.
The first plan of planning process is analysing past volume for example Christmas. This would likely to be a busy period for family looking for respite for the holiday and it will aim to increase recruitment to meet the demand it does not predict unforeseen conditions such as snow or bad weather where employers can’t get in to work. These things can be investigated employing people who live near to the premises.
This is where the HR must make judgements about the future demand and supply of labour. Strategy plan will be drawn up this will help the HR how many employees is require for LNH.LNH has been having problem with high employee turnover also poor pay, poor working conditions not enough benefits, working long hours, quality of care. One method is to use trend analysis, this will examine the past employer data for LNH this method will predict future needs. Most time it is often a five-year or ten years period or it could yearly. Heath Field, Susan M. May (2018).
This depends on the organization. The HR is now selecting new employees for LNH making decisions about resource allocation and strategic goals of the organisation. HR needs to have the following plans, for example roles such as competency planning, man power planning. Training development planning, career development, planning termination. This will help LNH to move forward by putting in place communication strategies because staff members were blamed for not communicating important messages. To move the plan, forward the HR must introduced procedures for every aspect of the customer satisfaction, individual performance and for the running of the home.
All this planning will help LNH to select the right candidate for the job and productivity and to meet the goal for the organisation.HR can use different method such as finding the right person with correct qualifications and experience, right skills and also using the screening / filtering method this method is a good method because it helps to match people qualification and skills. The HR must advertise using social media which may be more cost effective, it is also important that it reaches the right people. LNH have been experiencing poor salaries and working condition. The organisation could rise salaries due to qualification and experience and turning LNH around. Heath field, Susan M. May (2018)
There are other factors to be consider which plans and day to day running aims at achieving tactical goals of the organisation. The HR can draw up polices to suit the home requirement also it helps to provide guild line on how the policy should apply. The polices is there to protect employee and the employer. It is also a guide line on how the HR deals with certain issues Polices can cover sickness, absentness and to deal with issues such as grievances, discipline, redundancy. Polices provides structure and guide lines this needs to be effective. Bloisi, Wendy (2007).

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1.2 Explain how relevant legislative and policy frameworks of influence the selection, recruitment and employment of individuals to work in London Nursing Home.
The Employment Act 1996 is there to protect the employee and the employer. It gives the employee the right to ask for flexible working pattern also to have a work life balance and covers minimum wage and disability discrimination laws. These Acts are to laminate any discrimination of Individuals on the ground of sexual orientation, race, religion gender, The Caring homes will have they own polices code of practice for they own employees. Lawrite (2018).
The Employment Act also covers victimisation and harassment in the work place, this Act also covers people who are treated less favourably because of another colleague. The main Acts of Parliament which are to do with rights are Race Relations Act 1976. The Equal Pay Acts 1970. The Sex discrimination Act 1975 The Disability Discrimination Act 1995. The Equality Act 2010. This Act protect against direct and indirect discrimination, harassment and victimisation in service and public functions.
This Act covers a vast area included breast feeding mothers. These Acts would be useful for LNH due to over work staff and low wages, long working hour, these Acts will help to draw up polices for the home it will help to bring up standard as well. Cornish, A.( 2003 ).
1.3 Evaluate different approaches that may be used to ensure to ensure the selection of the best individuals for work in health and social care.
The different approaches which can be used to select the correct candidate for London Nursing Home LNH is to start with interviewing, this can be done on the phone by asking a few questions relating to the position which the candidate is apply for. This is one method which can be used, this is so that were can get to know the candidate a bit better. The aim is to elicit information from the candidates this can help the HR to predict to see if candidate will do well on the job by probing them on the phone, finding out about the candidate experience. This can also help to select and explore the extent of the candidate competencies to match the specified for the job. LNH had a lot of problem experiencing high rate of employee turnover.
They were working long hours. The HR needs to draw up a contract for working a 40-hour week and to have a more flexible schedule and introducing full- time or part – time work. If the candidate is successful on the phone they will ask to come in for an interview. An aptitude test will determine the ability to performed or carry out different task. This stage the HR and the manager of LNH would of know what training the candidate has completed and to find out what skill the candidate processed. It is important that the HR pick the right candidate to solve the problem at LNH because families are complaining the severs user are also complaining.
The HR must put in place a plan to ensure customer service is induced and staff meeting once a week also and talking to the family about the service they are receiving. The HR can conduct a questionnaire and feedback from it. Qualification needs to be checked normally candidate will present a curriculum vitae which sometimes they do not have correct information on it, this is a disadvantage the best is to check certificate and the educational institute. There are so many methods which can used. Panel Interview, which is a group of people, can be up to two to five people interviewing. Skillings, Pamela (2018)
There is one person who leads the interview. For the employer it is advantages. Organisations see this as a good opportunity to see how the candidate react under pressure, this method gives the employer accuracy of assessing a candidate’s match for the position.
This method can give the employer chance to clarify points or explain your expertise in more details. This procedure you can discuss skills, experience, and knowledge. This method is good because the panel interview allows to reach a consensus before deciding in hiring. There are so many different methods which a HR can interviewing the candidate by using Interest Test, this tell you how a person varies in their motivation testing the candidate strength and their interest and values. The employer tends to use this method on new graduates. There are structured interviews all candidate is asked the same question this will focus on the attributes and behaviours, the answer are scored through a rating system.
This will determine if the candidate has the required knowledge, skills, and abilities to do the job. They are other test which can help with selection. Unstructured interviews intelligence test, Personality test, Ability Test can be in corroborated into the interview. These different methods can be used for selection for LNH. One to One this will be first round of an interview one to three candidate will be selected for the final interview. Armstrong Michael Taylor Stephen (2017).
2.1 How individuals interact in groups in relation to the types of teams that work in health and social care.
Creating a team can be a good thing in another way of monitoring progress and can identify one’s behaviour. When setting up a team it is called team formation, everyone are strangers, but everyone in the group wants the same outcome. It is also good to have a meeting as a team to discuss and identify any concerns like what has been happening LNH This method could be use in London Nursing home. Storming is when everyone in the group place they ideas for consideration within in the group. The team will address issues as to what problem there are having and try to solve it. They function independently after that together.
Storming can sort out things quickly at times. The team will debate, critique and confront each other to decide on the best course of actions. Forming is the first team building, others in the group they want to be accepted and will avoid controversy and conflict serious issues and feeling are avoided. Boxall, P and Purcell,
They focus on being busy with their routines. Norming has a leader and their have one idea to come to an agree with others within the group so that the group can function. Performing is an effectively team able to function and get the job done smoothly without conflict. They do not need supervision. The team is competent, and autonomous they can handle and make decisions without supervision. Every team try to get this stage performing. Sometimes it is not always possible when the team get to this stage, it is much easy and faster to get things done within the team.
These stages are good for LNH because the staff was not communicating important messages to one another so forming, storming, norming, performing would be advantages because it would help with team building and effective communication and any other issues. This would be a good idea to introduce to new commers to the job. Some organisation introducing new teams and strategies to help make initiatives worthwhile. The team can weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Boxall, P and Purcell, J (2003).
2.2 Evaluate the different approaches that may be used by staff at different levels to develop and promote effective team working at London Nursing Home
After the incident at London Nursing Home (LNH). Training has been introduced to new employees, this is called introduction training which will entail a job description, on-going development, shadowing, If the new recruiter has any concerns they would know who to speak with, example they senior care assistant or they team leader and then it’s the deputy manager and the manager of the home. The senior care assistant will discuss the home policies with the new recruiter show the person around the home showing the person the fire doors and fire alarms.
To develop effective team working the employee must be train correctly at the beginning of start of employment and to emphasise on communication, commitment also the organisation commitment towards the new recruiter. Team working, HR must address the matter with LNH, by putting in place policies for the running of the home and make it compulsory for staff to attend training and development plan. For the staff to attend supervision meeting and to participate in the organisations staff appraisal system.
Also, to make sure they have staff to meet the right values to do the job. Poor communication forms poor decision making, and poor discussion no ideas this could cause conflict within the team, preventing effective flow. Training can help development between the team. The organisation create exercise for employees this will keep them motivated. This will be part of a regular training about the job this is called inhouse training. LNH was lacking in training. The Manager should provide an opportunity for employees to express their views. This would provide feedback.
The HR needs to be considerate with work life balance. The organisation cannot expect someone to work over 45 hours a week and no day off. Employer at times make a lot of demands on the employee. Employers need to be flexible. The employee should have good interpersonal skills they. Leadership and structure should be put in place because LNH did not have any structure in place like performance evaluation, and no reward system in place. This would be good to motivate the employees this would lead them to do the best and to achieve organisational goals. Their will celebrate their success together as a team. If these structures are put in place for LNH it will encourage the employees to engaged in competition with others this can increased cohesiveness. Sheridan, J. E. (1992)
3.1 Explain ways in which the performance of individuals working in health and social care to be appraised.
Performance planning is each employee will be set Individual goals which are linked directly to the strategic objective of the organisation. The manager gives the employee goals and objectives to achieved within the organisation. Performance monitoring at the Individual needs to be maintained regular because this will predetermine the standards are met in the caring field also this will allow foe improvement planning, facilitating reporting, predicting, possible failure and determine the kind of support may be required. This will strengthen organisational capacity. (Marriner Tomey) (2004: 406) According to Letsoalo (2007) Access (20th May 2018).
Systematic Process is to improve organisational performance by developing performance of Individuals and teams this method is a way of getting better results by understanding and managing performance within an agreement of planned goals, standards and competency requirement.
Appraisal performance is when your manager makes an appointment with you to discuss your progress. Appraisal is another way of monitoring the Individuals. Team leader are train to participate in appraisal process. Appraisal process. This method is a good idea because the employee can communicate with the manager with any concern they may have. This can valuate actual performance. This will identify employees who are eligible for salary increase generate data to take personal decision such as promotion, transfer, or lay off, this will also determine the training and development which is needed for the employee to progress.
Swot this will evaluate the employee performance and talents and skills, they are three ways in measuring strengths and weakness by effectiveness measures, attribute measures, efficiency measures. All these measures will help the organisation to identify where they may perform well and what they may be able to improve on or accomplishment of a task or overall effectiveness it can develop a career plan for the employee and this enable the organisation to give suitable placement based on the employee skills and talents.
For LNH this would unable the employee to prove they competence and to work as a team. They would have a performance evaluation plan for all employees. This method performance appraisals will recognise employee who are outstanding. They would receive pay raises. The employee who are doing well can be place in a management mentoring program. The employee who are consistently underperforming the organisation have the right to demote or terminate where ever possible. The organisation should always provide written appraisal formal records are very important for preparing future appraisal. This method I would use to terminate the staff at LNH.
3.2 Assess how individual training and development needs can be identified at London Nursing Home.
It is the Human Resources Officer responsibility to recruit the correct employee by following the correct procedures by creating a plan. The Human Resources Officer (HR) should be in partnership with another employee for example team leader, senior carer. Duty Manager. Home manager. The HR should have had different strategic plans in place. There should be a contingency plan just in case unexpected happens. LNH was experiencing high turnover of employee due to the environment where there were working.
This was due to low wages, so this means that there were no Appraisal been done. I would interduce Appraisal policy. Tactical plans need to be introduced this will aimed at achieving the tactical goals for LNH. LNH an Operational plan this will help with the day to day running of the home such as staffing rotas which the home manager responsibility.
The employee would have to attend training courses and, they are mandatory training which needs to be completed this will develop their skills which the employees will need to do the job and to motivate them. Making sure they continue to maintain their commitment towards the organization. There will be in place different policies to support it. 360-degree method is feedback from employees, the information comes from all different direction in the organisations. It seems to focus on employee effecting the work on other employee, it also focuses on skills. 360 has it has some weak points the feedback can be untrue.
This method can be used to settle scores. 360 degrees is another form of appraise it helps the employee to evaluate them self. Reactive Approach this method is when an employee may need training and additional education. This will help the performing less employee to overcome current limitation. Pro – active approach This method ensure goals and objectives are given to employee and keep they training simple. I like the 360- degree method because the employee monitors each other and it is easy to identify they weakness but have be careful can carry tails.
3.3 Analyse the different strategies for promoting the continuing development of individuals in the heath and social care workplace.
In- house training is very cost effective and flexible because training can be done at the home when it is quite without disturbing the activity which goes on in the home. It is more focuses on the needs of the home. They can use real life scenario. Up to 10 -15 staff can be train at the same time this will gives positive changes within the care settings, also will increase the employee skills, knowledge and further development.
External courses can be a degree course. Sometime the organisation will fund it. Can be courses at the college example National vocational qualifications NVQ in – house training It can help towards the organisation goals. The employee can voice any concern they may have. Supervision Appraisal.


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