The services provided, when it was established and

The services provided, when it was established and

The human resource manager at your business has asked you to prepare a recruitment, selection and induction booklet as the owner has decided he would like to recruit an apprentice plumber. The business currently employs- 1 full time administration person, 10 plumbers (full time) 2 apprentices (full time) and a human resource manager The booklet should include the following points- 1. Introduction- describing the business such as services provided, when it was established and what the purpose of the booklet. 2.Organization structure- such as reporting procedures or maybe presented in a diagram 3. Overview of status of employees and levels 4. Equal Employment Opportunity Policy (policy should include- purpose, standard, definition, policy, implementation, complaint procedure and communication).

5. Recruitment process- time lines and procedures for determining requirements for appointment 6. Requisition for recruitment policy 7. Requisition form- see attached 8. Job description for apprentices which is also compliant with legislation- see template attached. 9.

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Job advertisement for an apprentice 10.Interview Procedure- including who should be on the selection panel and how criteria for short listing applicants. 11. Interview questions 12. Interview form- see attached template 13. Points for conducting the interview 14. Reference check forms including essential questions plus any other 5 questions.

15. Induction checklist- should include points before and after recruit commences employment. Introduction: QPS Plumbing Services has been providing Quickest, Cheapest and Perfect service from last 10 years in Australia. We are specialist in all designs, maintenance, repairs and construction plumbing.If you have emergency case such as overflowing toilets, taps problem or whatever the case that you think you cannot handle by yourself, our team is immediately willing to serve you anywhere and anytime. Our friendly team has competent skills and experiences to deal with all problems and we offer our services in reasonable price. If you feel unsatisfied from our service or uncomfortable about price quotation, you can talk to us directly.

You can contact us to ask any questions without any charges before you will make decision to use our service. * Induction Policy:Induction is “the process of welcoming and introducing new employees to, and familiarizing them with their new organization, department or work mates to ensure a smooth transition into the organization. Our company will provide induction program for new employees twice a year. We would prefer to recruit group of new employees each year and set induction schedule together, thus to manage the main job and organize working time for the participants efficiently. All new employees will be informed in advance to prepare themselves and plan their main tasks to avoid the effects of induction program participation.

Assessment: Recruitment Booklet The human resource manager at your business has asked you to prepare a recruitment, selection and induction booklet as the owner has decided he would like to recruit an apprentice plumber. The business currently employees: * 1 full time administrative person * 10 plumbers (full time) * 2 apprentices (full time) * Human resource manager 1. Introduction – Describing the business such as services provided, when it was established and what the purpose of the booklet. Blue Kangaroo Plumbing Pty Ltd.

was born in 1999 as an independent business.The quality and the amount of services provided during this date until today, has made this company an established and well known business in Australia, operating, mainly in Brisbane area. The main services provided are: * Fire Services * New Fire Service Installations * Fire Service Repairs & Maintenance * Water * Water Conservation / Rain Water Harvesting * Storm Water * Roofing * Water Supply * Drainage * Gas FittingThe main purpose of this booklet is to define a standard procedure within the company, when new labour is needed and hence, hiring is required. This book must collect all the information regarding organization structure, inner hierarchy, recruitment processes and finally, induction tasks to be followed for new employees.

2. Organization structure – Such as reporting procedures or maybe presented in a diagram The organization has different areas, each of them with different responsibilities. In the top of the hierarchy, we have the owner that is also, in this case, the manager.The main responsibilities of this person are to make the right decisions towards the business and define roles and teams involved in the work. Then, we have the HR manager; this person will be responsible of the recruitment and selection processes when new labour is needed.

The person in administration will be doing all the paper work related to budgets and figures. Finally, we have the plumbers, they are divided in 3 teams, and headed by a leader, each team will be specialized in the type of work developed by the company: Fire, Water or Gas. 3. Overview of status of employees and levelsThe organization has three differentiated areas of work: Fire, Water and Gas. The staff is organized and leaded by the most experienced staff in each area. The rest of employees are assigned to one area but might be re-assigned temporally to other jobs depending on the needs and amount of work in each area.

The two apprentices will be, normally, assigned to the areas with more amount of work: Water and Fire, but they may change, also depending on the work load in teams. The idea is that these apprentices would learn as much as possible for, in the future, to be assigned to the team where the amount of work is higher. 4.Equal Employment Opportunity Policy The recruit, select and induct processes must accomplish Equal Employment Opportunity laws in Australia what means: “In Australia, legislation prohibits discrimination on grounds of sex, pregnancy andmarital status and prohibits sexual harassment. Industrial relations legislation containsprovisions that promote equal pay and guarantee unpaid parental leave for workerswho meet certain employment standards.

Provisions that supplement this leave withpaid leave and provide a right to return to work after maternity leave on a part-timebasis are contained in some industrial agreements or organisational policies.Provisions for leave from work to undertake family caring responsibilities aregenerally contained in an award or agreement made in an industrial commissionbetween an employer and a trade union but may also be contained in organisationalpolicies. Recent legislation (Workplace Relations Act 2006) has foisted moreresponsibility on individual firms to negotiate terms of employment rather thanrelying on trade union negotiations or industry-wide determinations.

” With this, we are to define, in this table all the aspects must be taken as “Equal Oportunities”Policy| Purpose| Implementation / Selection Processes Policy| Sex/Pregnancy discrimination| Avoid sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination when hiring and Equal payment to Men and Women| The company won’t advertise any job asking for man or women and won’t, in any case, decline an applicant because she is pregnant. The company itself will support diversity: man + women = success. | Age discrimination| Avoid discrimination related to age. | The company won’t specify any age requirement in their job offers. | Disability rights| Promote equal opportunity and access for people with disabilities. Selection Processes must bear in mind about the disability of the person applying for the job.

If the person is capable despite his/her disability, physically or mentally, to do the job won’t be declined at any case. | Race Discrimination| Ensure that people of all backgrounds are treated equally and have the same opportunities. | At any case, during interviews, the person will be asked or questioned about his or her race, roots or background. | 5. Recruitment process – Timelines and procedures for determining requirements for appointmentThe key points for recruitment process are, first of all, Labour forecasting.

It will be very important and essential for the good ongoing of the company to identify ahead the labour needs. This way the company will minimise the loss of productivity occurred by this lack of personnel. However, the vacancy is not always entitled as a consequence of the growth of the business.

It may happen for other reasons, some of them will be predictable and easy to plan but others won’t and hence, the timeline will be adapted to the needs. Internal promotion or relocation (expected and predictable) * Sudden leave (not predictable) * Retirement (predictable) * Sudden growth of part of the business (not predictable) Determining appropriate timelines implies: * Adequate time for recruitment and selection * Consider the candidate to be trained With this we can define the recruitment plan as: 1) Detect labour need. 2) Consult on job description for position requirements. 3) Advertise internally and externally 4) Develop interview guides 5) Arrange interview dates i. Conduct 1st interviews ii.Conduct 2nd interviews (if necessary) 6) Make selection decision 7) Make an offer to applicant 8) Complete all required administrative paperwork 9) Conduct Induction 10) Training In this case, as the need has been predicted and the urgency is not critical we plan it per days as: 6. Requisition for recruitment policy The next policies must be present during all the selection process within the company.

1) Staff Requisition Form must be filled out by the applicant. 2) HR accepts the applicant by checking that the required skills are accomplished by the applicant resume. ) All the appointments need to be authorised by the manager. 4) Advertising a. No external recruiters will participate in any selection process b. Published at www. seek.

com. au c. Indicates type of job and salary d. All the resumes will be stored for possible future vacancies 5) Interview e. Interviewer must read the resume prior to interview f.

If possible, the interview will be carried out with more than one person g. Candidates must be informed about the company policies h. Interviewer must take relevant notes about the candidate. 6) Second interview.If there are doubts about candidates, second interview must be appointed 7) List of candidates must be made and first candidate will be made an offer. 8) HR must indicate starting date to candidate.

9) During the first day, the candidate must receive the induction process. During this process, the candidate is informed about the company policies, timetable, payroll, days off and the first training. 7. Requisition Form Standard model for Requisition form detailed with the current available vacancy.

Requisition for Recruitment Form| | Position Title| Plumber Apprentice|Department| Plumbering (water, fire, gas)| Reporting to| Team Leader| New / Existing position| Existing| Employement type| Permanent| Proposed start date| 1st June 2011| Proposed salary or hourly rate| 20AUD per Hour + bonus| Duties and responsibilities| * Fill pipes or plumbing fixtures with water or air and observe pressure gauges to detect and locate leaks. * Review blueprints and building codes and specifications to determine work details and procedures. * Keep records of assignments and produce detailed work reports. | Reason for request| Vacancy available| Requested by| HR| Autorised by| Management| . Job description for apprentices which is also compliant with legislation Standard model for job descriptions detailed with the current available vacancy. Job description| | Blue Kangaroo Plumbing Pty Ltd| Job number: 473| Job Title| Plumber Apprentice| Responsibilities| As a new apprentice the new employee will be involved within one of our teams (gas, water, fire).

Will receive mentoring, coaching and training to learn the procedures and help the current team. | Main Activities| * Fill pipes or plumbing fixtures with water or air and observe pressure gauges to detect and locate leaks. Review blueprints and building codes and specifications to determine work details and procedures. * Keep records of assignments and produce detailed work reports. | Special Requirements| Twelve year completed. Good communication skills.

Own vehicle preferred. | Other features of position| Nil| Location| Brisbane and inner suburbs| Start date| 1st June 2011| Hourly rate| 20AUD per Hour + bonus| Prepared by| HR| 9. Job advertisement for an apprentice Given that we want to hire an apprentice we need to do the advertise fancy for young people. How do we do it?Just by offering future and promotion to the possible applicants. We take as model the AIDA model: “AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

When writing your job advertisement, understand that your goal is to attract talented and qualified candidates to apply to your job opening. This may seem obvious but many of the job postings I read seem to do everything they can to scare away candidates. AIDA helps you attract qualified applicants by grabbing their attention, sparking their interest, creating desire and generating action.

” So with that we: Offer a career within the company taking about internal promotions * Offer Continuous training * Offer Continuous personal improvement * Offering hourly rate + bonus (bonus by personal achievements) 10. Interview Procedure We want to set up the standard procedure of the company for interviews. There are three basic aspects we must have defined prior to the interview itself: Define the skills we need, planning activities and defining criteria.

Once we have it, we can arrange the interview, one or two, depending on the number of candidates and the candidates themselves.So with this, our interview procedure is like this: 11) Define our needs iii. Develop selection criteria and interview questions iv. Plan & schedule interviews 12) Plan activities v. Review job description vi.

Review personal selection criteria vii. Review interview questions viii. Arrange time, date, location and interviewer/s 13) Define selection Criteria ix. Essential criteria x. Desirable criteria 11.

Interview Questions It will be very important, in order to get the most possible efficient interview, to have a list of essential questions which lead the interview.It will be also very important, to know what kind of question we are doing, in order to distinguish among expected or unexpected answers. Let’s not forget we are hiring an apprentice, so questions about previous background will go addressed to studies rather than previous experience. In the next point of the report, we detail every question and the reason behind the question itself, meaning that we want go get something out of each question.

12. Interview Form Interview Questions form / authorisation| Question| Purpose| Response| Why did you apply for this role? Intrigue question to perceive the candidate personality and ambitiousness in professional matters. | | What have you been doing last year? | Same as previous one but more personal. | | Have you done anything related to plumbing before? What is your highest education level? | Closed question, just to get more info from the candidate to put together with the resume.

| | What do you expect from this company? | Open question to see what are the candidates expectations| | How do you think is the air conditioner installed in this room working? | Probing question.It will be very important to analyse the vocabulary of the candidate. Some words or behaviours will tell us many things about him or her. | | 13. Points for conducting the interview In this part of the report we describe some points for conducting the interview, what should we do to make it easy for the interviewer in terms of space, comfortableness always within the best possible environment. 14) Prepare for the interview 15) Put the interview at ease, comfortable but informative situation 16) Focus on questions and take notes xi.

Maintain eye contact xii. Keep expression neutral iii. Listen more than you talk xiv. Allow the applicant time to respond 17) Closing the interview xv. Allow the applicant suggest any questions xvi. Explain next step in the process providing timeframes xvii. Thank the applicant 18) Evaluate the interviewer suitability (As soon as possible) 14.

Reference check forms The purpose of reference checking is to validate our selection decision. While we may be confident we are gathering all the information we need, there is still a need to confirm that the details the applicant provided are correct, relevant or enough.This information will be, ideally, reported by the Human Resource department given that the Manager is the person designed to carry out the interviews.

This way, we ensure the quality of the interviews. Did the interviewer:| Yes | No| Arrange a good environment for the interview? | | | Explain the interview process? | | | Ask the pre-defined interview questions? | | | Take notes to assist recall? | | | Finalise the interview and explain the next steps to the candidate? | | | 15. Induction checklist The induction is the process with which we ensure that the new employees are provided with the needed information to begin their new job.This essential information must be provided as soon as possible, ideally, during the first day at work, in a formal or informal way.

We, as a small company, will take an informal welcome to the new employee with a breakfast. Then, he or she will be introduced to his or her new colleagues and finally will be informed, in a more formal way, with the appropriate documentation about: * OHS Requirements * Facilities * Working conditions * Grievance procedures * Company Policies * Timetables * Holidays * Access (cards) * Drugs policy * Legislative requirements, * Sexual discrimination * Work culture Payment * Payrolls * Bank details * Conditions References: books BSBHRM402A Recruit, Select and induct staff – Innovation & Business Skills Australia sites * Australia Human Rights Commission – http://www. hreoc.

gov. au/ * Equal Employment Opportunity Legislation and Policies: the Australian Experience (2007) – http://www98. griffith. edu. au/dspace/bitstream/10072/18899/1/48464_1. pdf * http://www.

ibsa. org. au/Portals/ibsa. org. au/docs/hosted%20documents/product%20samples/BSBHRM402A2CLSMALLSAMPLE.

pdf * Business Dictionary – http://www. businessdictionary. com/

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