POLITICAL THEORY Society simultaneously evolving

POLITICAL THEORY Society simultaneously evolving

Society simultaneously evolving. Looking to the society nowadays, it is more advanced and developed than ever before. Back then, there are history of evolutionary phases of social and cultural development which marked with different features. There’s a process of transformation to gain new knowledge and discovered innovations. Everytime people find out certain things and live this with no contentment, this is the time where evolution takes place to create the betterment of society.
Human person and society are related to each other. It is requirement for human person to live in society, where he enhance his capability to functions effectively as he grows with having society involvement and improving a mutual exchange towards other. Going back in the past, many philosophers described the genuine fettle of human persons. The state of nature is manifold by many social contractist philosophers such as Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and Jean Jacques Rousseau. They are the social contract theorists believed that society is created just a contract. For Hobbes, he sees man as a natural evil with a natural right regardless of the sake of others, a competition against man versus man in which appears prairie to the survival of the fittest by Charles Darwin. In contradiction, Locke on the other hand deemed with the idea of individual’s rights having it naturally that precedes tranquil society. He believed that the end type of government is the commonwealth government in which individuals consider their mutual obligation. While time is lasting, the numbers of people disagreeing with Hobbes’s account of conception regards to the state of nature is increased. For Rousseau, he critically rampant the idea of Hobbes because he convinced with his belief of man is naturally good in nature.
There are numerous event happening in our country but is it caused by the present time around or is it because of the ancient people. Through history, the societies are already struggling on the societal, cultural and political interest. There are six sociocultural evolution on how the human life begins. Hunting and gathering are the first society formed, early humans primarily survive by hunting animals, fishing, and gathering plants. They were nomadic people who depends upon their instantaneous environment, they shifted from one form to another because of settlement and survival. The second phase is the horticultural society, they largely depended on the environment for survival, but since they didn’t have to abandon their location to follow resources, because they learn to cultivate crops with the help of hand tools. They shifted because of the desire to become more settled and developed. Next stage, agrarian society in which people know already how to crops so for them to live well and stay on their location, they need a wider land for better harvest and bigger surpluses of food. With this, human desired of rehash is the reason of forming new society. Fourth phase is the industrial, people here are based on using machines to produce foods and supports large population with high capacity of labor. Hence, humans in agrarian society have formal education they want to make their life easier than before and to sustain their life for population have arises little to little. So the next phase arrived, the post industrial, this is rooted in information and services. In this society, we see a how products shifted to ideas and knowledge, from hands-on skills to literacy skills and the decentralization of the workforce because of environmentalism factor. And the last stage is the post modernism, in this society, high technology evolved and society faced a boast in advancement. There are lot of innovations and transformations, the rise of concepts of knowledge and creativity in humans.
As a great advantage of knowing how does society starts and what are the elements that happened in the past that lead to current state of the society today. Thus, the version of my utopian society will be particular in the convenience factor of the global people in my global utopia. It composed of four fundamentals values such as knowledge, contentment, equality and discipline. My perfect world would seems to be closer but in reality it is very far away of achieving it. Knowledge is the power to be aware and conscious with all things and it brings information to understand certain things. Contentment is having satisfaction and happiness in an ease point of body and mind particularly in physical structure and individual’s status. Equality is to give an equal rights and freedom to live that not harming any people, avoiding the pejorative hierarchy in one’s society. Discipline is inherent in work, leisure and economics development because it is where laws and rules are being observed. These are the vital grounds of my ideal society in which will prevails the serene and productive human person in society. With this, these elements of my perfect world would be the one dominating the world against its reality to attain social order. Utopia appears similar in having face-to-face viewing but unfortunately, it is nowhere in gaze. Meanwhile, my clear vision of ideal society or so-called my model of perfect country will be a better chances of gaining it with high social progress from time to time.


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