Mythical and wife of Zeus. Protector of marriage

Mythical and wife of Zeus. Protector of marriage

Mythical GodsZeus – Gd of the sky, the clouds, and the rain.

Normally seen holding a thunderbolt. Represented by an Eagle. Married Hera and had many children from many affairs. Poseidon – Brother of Zeus, and ruler of the sea. Seen with a trident and connected to horses and bulls.

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Hera – Sister and wife of Zeus. Protector of marriage and ally of married women. Cow and Peacock were important to her.Hades – Ruler of the underworld and of the dead.

Also lord of wealth (his Latin name means rich). Owned a helmet that made people invisible. Married Persephone who became queen of the underworld.Athena – Born from the head of Zeus in full armor without a mother She was his favorite child. The Goddess of the City she domesticated horses for human use. Represented by owl and olive tree.Apollo – Love child of Zeus and Leto.

Gd of music, art, archery, and sometimes the sun. Portrayed as many animals, crow and dolphin to name a few.Artemis – Twin sister of Apollo. Goddess of the wild and hunter for the Gds. Partial to all woodland creatures especially the deer.Aphrodite – Goddess of Love and of Beauty. Born from the foam of the sea.

Irresistible to man and to Gd alike. Represented as a dove or a swan.Hermes – Grandson of Atlas. Messenger of Zeus. Shown wearing a small helmet and sandals with wings on them.

Also an expert theif. Most commonly used Gd in all mythology.Ares – Gd of war. Hated by his parents, Zeus and Hera. Most ruthless and forceful of the Gds. Shown as the vulture and as the dog.

Hephaestus – Gd of Fire. Often said to be ugly as opposed to the other rulers. Created women out of gold that helped him at home with his chores.Hestia – The Goddess of the hearth or the home. Given offering at the beginning and end of every meal.

Eros – Son of Aphrodite he was the Gd of Love. Sometimes seen wearing a blindfold because love is blind.Pan – A noisy jolly Gd. Half man, half goat. Played beautiful music on his reed instrument.

Rejected by all the nymphs because he was ugly.Silenus – Fat drunken man who rode a donkey. Formerly the Gd of wine. Sometimes said to be the son of Pan.

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