Religious of Charles Sheldon. Malcolm was viewed

Religious of Charles Sheldon. Malcolm was viewed

Religious and Social Visions of Malcolm X and Charles SheldonAs with all individuals we all have different thoughts on what the world needs.

Some people take a sutel approach in pressing the beliefs, where as others are very aggressive about it.Charles Sheldon a Christian who tried to push a movement throughout the Christian church based on what Christ would do. Individuals in the church and the community viewed Sheldons movement as a strong and sometimes impossible feat. However, it was never found to be a major threat to the society that it took place in.Sheldon was trying to start this movement within the church so that it would spread and the unreached people would see the light of Christ Jesus in Christians in the way that they live their everyday lives.

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Sheldons attempt to live in the theme of what Jesus would do, did not force any beliefs on anyone or threaten anyones beliefs. It was purely a movement of self-commitment that an individual made on there own basis. Sheldon did not look at those who did not take the challenge of following what Jesus would do and frown upon them. No he just prayed for them and asked for guidance for him to reach the people.Malcolm X however, had a different agenda than that of Charles Sheldon.

Malcolm was viewed by most Americans as a radical, many people say him as a black that was ready to speak his mind to the world. Malcolms mouth got him in trouble with Elijah Muhammad and was silenced for 90 days after his comments following the death of John F. Kennedy.

Malcolm was by no means a person who was out to make friends. Not only did Malcolm make the general public question his comments, but also the Black Islam community was ashamed that Malcolm would say those comments in front of entire nation that idolized John F. Kennedy. The Black Muslim community was already struggling with white America and the comments of Malcolm X made it even worse.In conclusion there is a vast diffrence between the way these two religious individaul touched the world.

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