An Alexander GrahamBell. Bell created the first

An Alexander GrahamBell. Bell created the first

An Educationin Liberal ArtsLiberal arts is a universal educationthat provides a strong foundation of knowledge in many subjects.

Liberalarts can observe the capabilities as well as the limitations of each fieldof study. This allows students to find connections between different fieldsof study, to explore them, and to discover new theories and/or inventions.Liberal arts also allows students to investigate areas of interest andto make new ones by combining diverse subjects. A liberal arts educationprovides students with a broad spectrum of information enabling them toexpand their knowledge and to advance society in a positive direction.It is imperative that a liberalarts posses the basic knowledge of the many fields. With this knowledge,students can combine different subjects to formulate new ideas and concepts.As in mixing colors, a new color can only be created by combining variouscolors.

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The same is true for liberal arts education, the resulting idea(s)and/or concept(s) is derived from the combination used to create it.A liberal arts education providesa strong foundation of knowledge in many fields allowing students to createnew theories and inventions. With this foundation, there are endless possibilitiesthat students can expand and build on what others have learned rather thanwasting time on what has already been discovered.In order to illustrate, I’ll usethe example of the telephone. The telephone was an ingenious inventionthat was combined with the innovation of a free thinker, Alexander GrahamBell. Bell created the first working telephone and the impact of the telephoneon society, over the past 100 years, is immeasurable.

The result of thetelephone revolutionized communication, advancing society to another level.Inventions that advance society, such as this, demonstrate the value ofa liberal arts education. In years past, more and more scientists, froman array of various fields, have elaborated upon the basic telephone byinventing different components to be used along with the telephone suchas the facsimile machine and computer modems which enable communicationvia the internet.In short, a liberal arts educationprovides students with a strong foundation of universal knowledge thatallows them to think without restrictions or barriers. Liberal arts allowimaginative thoughts to develop freely.

Such imaginative thoughts leadto discoveries and inventions which, in turn, advance society to higherlevels. It is evident that a liberal arts education is one of society’stools for advancement in a positive direction.

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