Lucy the tutelage of Professor Auerbach. In

Lucy the tutelage of Professor Auerbach. In

Lucy Gayheart is a young, spirited, intelligent music student from Havorford, on the South Platte River. In the winters, she attends a conservatory in Chicago, under the tutelage of Professor Auerbach. In Chicago, she lives in a room above a German bakery, where she takes her breakfasts and suppers. These small quarters do not distress her; indeed, she craves the solitude of her own will, her own piano, her own bed. She walks hungrily through Chicago, her appetite for life never disappointed by the thriving midwestern metropolis.

She is beautiful, she is talented, and her young heart has never been broke. The year is 1901. At some point in everyone’s life, you meet someone whom you think can lift you beyond where you are, to a place where you always wished to be, but weren’t sure how to get there. For some, this crossroads leads to success; for others, to despair. For a time, Lucy Gayheart feels the assurance of a bright future reaffirmed daily. And then a tragedy strikes, an undreamed-of turn of events, something which happens every day, and yet which we never address, because it is unthinkable.

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So will Lucy allow tragedy to beat her down into an existence she has long scorned? Or will she find the mettle to not only endure, but to grow in the face of, her heartbreak? This book was published in 1935. Its syntax can be long-winded, but its imagery is unforgettable. The author conveys a deep love for her fellow man, and for the inexpressible promise of a young life. I believe there is Lucy Gayheart in all of us.The small-town character of Lucy was so typical and nostalgic in her quest for first, real, and unconventional love, much to the dismay of her rogue-ish childhood admirer. The feelings and actions of Lucy toward both situations is so characteristic of youth and young love. This novel would appeal mostly to women, from the teens on up, who are looking for something to read on a cold, rainy day while sipping hot cocoa.

It is a wonderful escape to a past time in America and life.From the beginning Lucy Gayheart held my attention. It had so many ups, and downs, twists and turns that it was captivating.

The book was very descriptive and wordy, but instead of taking away from the book it added depth and clarity. It’s detail allowed me to become part of the book. I felt as if I knew Lucy forever, sharing in her emotions and fears, hopes and dreams. Willa Cather was definitely a very skillful author. I was given inspiration by her stirring quotes and even had a change of heart.

Despite it’s sadness, the book, in it’s own way, lifted itself up to it’s own happy ending, making it worthwhile to read. I’m a sophomore in high school and I highly reccomend this book to anyone who loves a beautiful, fulfilling love story filled with suspense, hapiness and sadness.

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