Thesis century of a desire widespread of

Thesis century of a desire widespread of

Thesis statement: Martin Luther was responsible for the break-up of the Catholic ChurchMartin Luther was a representative during the 16th century of a desire widespread of the renewal and reform of the Catholic Church. He launched the Protestant reform a continuation of the medieval religious search.From the Middle ages, the church faced many problems such as the Babylonian Captivity and the Great Schism that hurt the prestige of the church. Most of the clergy lived in great luxury while most people were poor and they set an immoral example. The clergy had low education and many of them didn’t attend their offices.

Martin Luther had witnessed this himself, “In 1510 he visited Rome and was shocked to find corruption on high ecclesiastical places” During Luther’s early life he faced a severe inner crisis. When he sinned he looked for comfort in confession and followed the penance, the fasting, prayer and observances that the church directed him. But, he found no peace of mind and worried about his salvation. But reading St. Paul’s letters he came to believe that salvation came though faith in Christ. Faith is a free gift, he discovered, it cannot be earned. His studies led him to a conclusion that, “Christ was the only mediator between God and a man and that forgiveness of sin and salvation are given by god’s grace alone” (Martin Luther, 01).

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Historians agree that, “this approach to theology led to a clash between Luther and the Church officials, precipitating the dramatic events of Reformation”.To construct Saint Peters Basilica, Archbishop Albert borrowed money from the Fuggers (wealthy banking family). To pay for this loan Pope Leo X gave permission to Archbishop Albert to sell indulgences in Germany. An indulgence is a way to reconcile with God, by confessing your sins to a priest and perform a penance. By the later Middle Ages people believed that indulgence removed all their sins and ensured entry to heaven. The selling of indulgence troubled Luther, he thought people were ignorant to believe that they didn’t have to repent after they bought an indulgence.

Martin Luther was a friar very devoted to the Church but after analyzing all these aspects he decided to do something about it. On October 31, 1517 he attached to the door of Wittenberg Castle a list of 95 theses or propositions on indulgences. These theses criticized papal policies and were objections about he church put on hold for discussion. Luther’s theses were translated to German, printed and read all throughout the empire. Luther studied the history of papacy, denied the authority of the pope in 1519, in a large public disputation with a Catholic debater. The Catholic Church went crazy and condemned Luther’s propositions ordering his books to be burned and giving him 2 months to recant or he would be excommunicated. Luther’s reply went all over Europe ” unless I am convinced by the evidence of scripture I do not accept the authority of the pope or the councils alone, since its established they have often erred and contradicted themselves- I am bound by the scriptures I cannot and will not recant anything, for its neither safe nor right to go against conscience.

God help me. Amen.” (Martin Luther)In conclusion, Martin Luther was a devoted catholic who didn’t intend to break up the church he only wanted reform. A new religious group appeared from Luther’s theses, Protestantism. It derives from the word Protest. His theses made Protestants believe that salvation is a decision of god not people and that religious authority rests in the Bible alone and its interpreted by each individuals conscience.

They also believe that any individual Christian who believes in God forms the church and all vocations have equal merit, either you are a priest or a farmer you should serve god. The church divided into Catholic Christians and Protestants.

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