love How? s your ?. Mine? s

love How? s your ?. Mine? s

love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

Aristotle. Before watching the movie trailer,discuss the following questions with a partner: 1-Do you believe in love at first sight? 2-Do you believe in long-distance relationships?. 3-It is said that absence make the heart grow fonder. How much do you agree with this statement?. 4-Would you ever fall for someone you have never laid eyes on?.

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6-What do you believe makes two people fall in love with each other?.After watching the movie trailer,fill the quotations with the missing words. You only need one word per sentence. I sometimes feel I? m .

Welcome to your new . Can this be ? How? s your ?. Mine? s . I miss the and it? s – She was more to me than anything I ever . It? s meant to . The one I can? meet, him I would to give heart to. Answer the following questions on your own.

1-How do you think the female character feels when she refers to the lake house?. 2-Which is the link between the two main characters? 3-How do they communicate with each other? 4-Why does the woman refers to her relationship with the man as a ? long distance? one? 5-Why couldn? t they meet? Order the lines to make a sequence. -Dear new tenant,welcome to your new home.

I? sure you? ll love living here as much as I did. What do you mean ? lived? here? Since no one has lived in this house for years. Pick a place. I? ll be there. I? ll promise. For argument? s sake. What day is it there? April 14,2004.

No,it? s April 14,2006. It? s the same day two years apart. She? s more real to me than anything I have ever known Can this be happening?.

I sometimes feel as if I? m invisible. As if no one can see me at all. I never felt that way when I lived at the lake house.

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