Enter Your Term Paper Topic Here:Search over 30,000 papers at The Essay Archive The Ultimate Online Student Resource Over 10,000+ Free Essays Available! Tue Dec 07 2004 – 02:57:05 EST NAVIGATE Print Essay Email Essay Search Essays Browse Essays Request Essay Submit An Essay Custom Writing Sell Your Papers Sponsors ADVERTISEMENT ENTER YOUR TERM PAPER SUBJECT BELOW: Can’t find your paper? Search over 50,000 professionally written papers! ADVERTISEMENTLifeWhat is life? Is it a mystery? Is it an adventure? Is it a way tohelp others? Or is it so brief compared to the rest of the time in theuniverse it has no meaning at all? People have been wondering this forthousands of years, yet no one has found an answer. Many look forcomplicated ways to understand life, yet the answer is so simple; life is abook.Since the day the binding was opened for the first time,and theauthor began writting the story; every thought, action, and emotion that isexperienced is written into the book. Memory is just rereading the book.

Some pages torn, stuck together, smeared so we can’t remember it as well,but it is all writtten down. Every hope, every dream, every fear isrecorded in time forever.Some books have flashy, tacky covers, but tell the most troublesomestories on the inside. Some have dull, nondescript covers, but tell thewarmest, most adventurous stories that causes one to recall some earlierchapter in ones own life.Every experience is a chapter.

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Some chapters speak of friends andfamily, some speak of the most horrible fears and the most dreamed abouthopes, and some tell of Love and Loss that the author experienced.Some chapters are not finished and will be completed at a latertime. Some chapters are blurred, because not even the author knows whathappened, or what he wishes would happen. And some chapters are blank pages,waiting to be filled. More than once, the author has wished he could goback a few pages and rewrite it differently, but alas, the book has alreadybeen published, and cannot be changed.

As the book ages, it loses some of its shine, pages tear and fade,and the binding becomes loose. Some pages suddenly become so clear, youcan’t understand why you didn’t see it before, while others become sotransparent that you can’t even remember reading them. And after the bookhas become so old that it can’t even be read or moved without falling apart,it is taken out of circulation and stored. Not only in a physical place,but in people’s heart, those who loved the book as if it was their bestfriend.

It is stored with every other book of every person’s life backbefore humanity could even speak with more than grunts and body langauge.It is stored in the Great Library. As you look around this glorouslibrary, the books stack higher than any mountain, and strech farther thanany eye can see.

And on every shelf are books, and in the center of theroom are thousands of books open to different pages and chapters recordingthe author’s dictations from the start of the book until it is finished andpublished. And then there are the old books that are being called out ofcirculation, catalogued and stored. You reach out and begin reading one ofthe many books.

It is the life of your friend.You take notice of how many times your own book overlaps with yourfriend’s book, and how similar the stories are. As you read this book, yousee the meaning of life, not what the stories are, or what the cover lookslike, but how every book tells a different story; and while many mayoverlap and share dreams, hopes, and fears, they each contain knowledge andtogether make up life. You see, you can’t judge a book by its cover, norcan you judge a person by appearance, each complete with fears, dreams,joys, sorrows, memories, friends and familes. Together we all make up life,and our stories inspire others to grow and to have the best story they can.fSearch 30,000+ Essays At THE ESSAYARCHIVE!Search over 30,000 papers at The Essay Archive Cool Essay Sites Termpapersites.comAntiStudyAnti EssaysBig NerdsChuckiiiCollege Term PapersEssay CrawlerGet Free EssaysOppapersPlanet Papers Awesome Stuff Free SMSFree Ringtones home | about | partners | privacy | advertise | contact us Make Your Essay Excellent Copyright 1998-2004 Essayworld.com All rights reserved

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