Assessment the morning when I arrive I have

Assessment the morning when I arrive I have

Assessment task-SHC 22Introduction to personal development in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings Task: On-going personal development is necessary when working with children and young people as it is important to keep your own practice up to date. As part of your induction to your new work role you have been asked to show your line manager that you can: 1. Describe the duties and responsibilities of your role My role duties in the pre-school where I work are: First think when I arrive is that I have to sign, to put the time I arrive and the time I live * In the morning when I arrive I have to help the deputy manager to bring from deposit all the furniture in the hall and to arrange it, for example: tables and chairs where the children’s are, eating, playing all the games. * I have to provide all the painting and drawing materials like papers, paint’s, brushes, colored pencils.

* I have to be assure that the crayons are sharpen * They have a big plastic pit that I have to fill it up with water. I have to check all the doors especially the fire escape so the children’s are not going to be in any danger because they can escape from the pre school * I have to check if is anything left behind ,like any sharp object or something that can harm the children * When is snack time I have to supervise together with another colleague the children because some time they need some help with pouring water or to make observation that they have to help them self’s with snack’s * After the children have the snack I need to take all the plates and cups and , wash everything ,tidy up for the next group * When is time for a story I have to remember them that inside we have to walk not run. * At the time when a member of staff is reading a story I have to make sure that the children are quiet and are listening to the story. * I have to be careful when they are playing in the sandbox because they have something special to put on the head for protection.

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* When I see the children that they want to play with the water or with paint’s I have to tell or to help them to put and wear the special apron for protection. 2.Identify standards that influence the way your role is carried out This are the standards that influence my role in the pree-school were I do my practice as a student in placement.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Communication, Language and Literacy; Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy; Knowledge and Understanding of the World; Physical Development Creative Development. * Continue to be interested, excited and motivated to learn. * Be confident to try new activities, initiate ideas and speak in a familiar group.

* Maintain attention, concentrate, and sit quietly when appropriate. * Respond to significant experiences, showing a range of feelings when appropriate. Have a developing awareness of their own needs, views and feelings, and be sensitive to the needs, views and feelings of others. * Have a developing respect for their own cultures and beliefs and those of other people. * Form good relationships with adults and peers. * Work as part of a group or class, taking turns and sharing fairly, understanding that there needs to be agreed values and codes of behavior for groups of people, including adults and children, to work together harmoniously.

* Understand what is right, what is wrong and why. * Consider the consequences of their words and actions for themselves and others. * Dress and undress independently and manage their own personal hygiene. * Select and use activities and resources independently.

Understand that people have different needs, views, cultures and beliefs, that need to be treated with respect. * Understand that they can expect others to treat their needs, views, cultures and beliefs with respect. 3. Describe ways to ensure that your personal attitudes or belief do not obstruct the quality of your work I have to ensure that I understand and respect all the policies and procedures because that is going to help me in my personal attitude or belief and because of that is not going to obstruct the quality of my work. For example in the pre-school where I am placed as a student I work with many children’s and I have to ensure that I don’t discriminate, I respect them, I treat all the children equally.I need to have positive attitudes in the goal I seek and my goal is working with children’s. If you want to be accepted even more quickly by colleague and the manager and others you can only ask for example “Is there anything I can do to help? ” When was the finish of the year in the pre-school were I am in placement I ask the manager if they need me to come and help them with the cleaning so the children can start a new school year with everything clean and they were amazed first because I ask and the second because I want to do it even if I didn’t have to do it because I am a volunteer.

The children’s can fee for example you are upset and that it means you do not have positive attitudes.Wherever I work I don’t show my personal issues because children can feel it and also my colleagues and people around me. For this reason it is best to avoid and to behave normally as if nothing happened. One of the ways I am using my personal attitudes is for example: When I am playing or choosing a game I include boys and girls. Some children’s are intimidate so I am trying to persuade them to join us by telling them that they can do it as well like everyone else but if I can’t manage I’m using one at one method to make them understand better.

Life has a funny way of responding to those efforts if you have a positive friendliness because of that you can become a role-model.

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