Pakistan faces many challenges in its quest towards the economic growth and development . Issues like energy shortfalls and depleting water limited land resources posa serious threat to the country economey .Shortfall of energy and water coupled with enviornmental degration leading to a situation of food insecurity in the economey of pakistan is being a lower riparian countery ,dependent upon upstream ecosystaem to provide water supply irrigation generating hydropower and drinking ,water food and energy are inextricdbly linked.
Environmental degration causes huge economic lossed to pakistan
Environmental degration a major cause of poverty , costs capaciety to manage the enviornmental effec to development of infrastructure and key economic sector. Causes of poverty costos the country around 6% of Gdp equal about Rs 635 billion and taking its on poor disproportionally .The most significaniant causes of environment damage in pakistan include illness and prematars mortality causes by outdoor and indoor.
Environmental degration due to climate change
Due limited resources at its disposal , government efforts alone are not suffucient enough to address challanges reducing to climate change .it is much larger participation and support from other stakeholders is needed to effectiviely
Environmental degration in pakistan due to deforestation and energy
Both deforestation and energy had great impact on enviornment and the existence for developing countries highly vulnerable to climate change impacts. The study valtion of the environmental hypothesis for pakistan using time series data frome 1980 to 2013 with deforestation as an indicators for enviornmental degration and four variables.
economic growth
energy consumption
trade openness
Envoirnmental degration impact of water food and energy
Water is an input for producing agricultural goods in the field and alomg entire agroo food supply . Energy required produceand distribute water and food .Over the last few decdes there is growing concern across globle to protect the environmental as well as to maintain development process .As there is a trade-off relationship between enviornment and economic growth it creates challenges for policy maker to adopt to continue economic growth .
Pakistan and Nexus
Increasing population stagnating food production and envoirnmental degration major catalysts for rising food insecurity in pakistan .
The water related enviornmental challenges arising out pollution and trans , and trans boundary issues causing water scarcity are major concern of policy makers
Another challenges arising out of this is the rising food price inflation due hindrance in the capacity of food production . The are many synergies and trade offs between the energy use water and food production .Sustainable development requires that economic activity in the country only uses natural resources a rate which they can restored by environmental friendly methods. The government has realised it is utmost imortance to develop and implement way to use natural the resources more efficienty .A more green economey would improve humman social equity and well being signficantly reducing ecological sacrcities and envoirnmental risk.
Stape taken by the Government of pakistan
Pakistan being a developing country is faced fragile envoirnmental condition and has limited financial means and has inadequate managerial and political resources address the environmental degradation . The threatens long term development of the country ,leadimg to decrease in quality of life and living standards . Over the last few decades there has a growing concern inside the protect environment to main development . The federal government to offset the adverse effect of envoirnmental degration of recent years increased allocation for the environment by 12.7% from PKR 936 million for 2014-2015 to PKR 1055 billion for 2015-2016 .Under vision 2025 pakistan Envoirmental protection Agency which was established in 1997 provided with an enchanced agends of environmental protection inside the country to sustain the green economey vision of government .As there is trade off relation between economic growth and environment it creats challenges for the economist as well as policy makers to adopt policy to continue the economic growth by protecting enviornment.
Ragnition of two main fundamental of errors of past policies for limited natural resources of the awarness of the need of world wide change in thinking and in as practicle way . pakistan is foced with serious issues of environmental pollution ,land degradtion water air polltution and some other serious challanges .In these most unchecleal is industrial pollution that cause the critical problems and may get unless worse economic growth and in the development way of pakistan .
poverty is due to repaidly increasing population and growing urbanization is have great presure on enviornment
In pakistan as where environment degration is both a cause and consequence poverty
water and air is the main cause of enviornmental degration
impact of cilmate change is also inude
deforstation and ecosystem
to increase forset and pland activities of health


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