Installation anytime the remote starter fails to

Installation anytime the remote starter fails to

Installation NotesSection 4 – Page 14DesignTech International, Inc.1-800-337-4468www.designtech-intl.com2003 All Rights ReservedDesignTech International, Inc.DesignTech disclaims any liability or responsibility arising out of any inaccuracies of this information or use of this information for installations or otherwise.

Installation Notes – Document #114 – Sheet 1 of 2Trouble-shooting with the “Self Diagnostics”See also document # 110 – Troubleshooting the AutoCommand.The AutoCommand is a very safety oriented’ product. It is constantly looking for a reason to shutdown the vehicle. It is for this reason that we designed it with a built-in self-diagnostic system.If for any reason the AutoCommand shuts off you can ask the AutoCommand to tell you withthe self-diagnostics why it turned off the last time or failed to start. This feature should be used anytime the remote starter fails to get the vehicle up and running.A.

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Simply let your AutoCommand run it’s cycle by turning the control switch on and pressingthe remote control start button. Five minutes after the last cycle simply turn the controlswitch OFF and start counting the first series of feedback flashes. Note that this will workeven if the AutoCommand does not attempt to start the vehicle, if the AutoCommand isunsuccessful, or if the vehicle starts and prematurely shuts off.# of Flashes Reason for turning off1 See Text.2 Hood or Brake activated3 No Tach or stalled4 Received another remote input / no door pin signalOn manual transmission units5 Car went into gear6 Low battery7 Received alarm input8 Overcurrent9 No emergency brake signal on manual transmission units.12 The Control Switch was turned off too soon.Here are the common reasons for each of the 10 codes above:1 This code nomally means the unit ran for it programmed run time and then shut downproperly, BUT- The default code of one will appear if the unit has not yet started the vehicleor if the unit is somehow reset.

Some solutions: Reprogram the transmitter, move yourground wire to a new location, and make sure you are connecting the power wire directly tothe battery.2. Either the hood or brake input was activated. Disconnect each wire in-turn to figure outwhich one is the culprit. Note that a hood pin switch can be mounted such that when thevehicle is starting’ the hood pin could receive a ground signal thus turning off the vehicle.

Make sure the pin-switch is mounted such that it pushes down enough when the hood isclosed to prevent slight movements of the vehicle to cause it to close. In some cases if theheadlight output of the AutoCommand is hooked up to the parking lights it will cause aquick pulse down the brake circuit when the lights are turned on. Disconnecting the headlightwire of the AutoCommand will tell you if this is the case. If so do not hook the lightsoutput to the parking lights use the headlights.Installation NotesSection 4 – Page 15DesignTech International, Inc.1-800-337-4468www.

designtech-intl.com2003 All Rights ReservedDesignTech International, Inc.DesignTech disclaims any liability or responsibility arising out of any inaccuracies of this information or use of this information for installations or otherwise.Installation Notes- Document #114 – Sheet 2 of 23. TACH MODE: With 3 flashes the only reason would be that it did not see the Tach signal.

You mustrelearn the tach rate. Note that the feed-back/Tach light will be on when the Tach is between 1/2 thelearned rpms and 2 times the learned rpms. This can also occur if you are missing an ignition wire.NO TACH MODE: If you are attempting to use no-tach mode and are getting a code of 3 then theunit may be programmed to be in tach mode. If you have not programmed any options you mightchoose to reset all the options to the factory position.

If you are sure the unit is in No-Tach modethen the vehicle simply stalled…4. Code 4 means the unit received another input from the transmitter or the REMOTE INPUT wire oncertain models may be resting at ground.

If working on a manual transmission unit, connect a relayin between the door pin switch wire and the remote start.5. This is the “In-Gear” indicator. In this case the unit would only try once not the usual 3 times. Inthis case locate the little jumper wire (usually Green) which is about an inch in length and comesright off the PC board and forms a loop and goes right back down to the PC board then just cut itin half.6. Low battery is pretty straight forward.

If you battery voltage ever gets below 11 volts the unit willstop. Check your battery. This is also caused by the alternator not coming up when the unit isrunning. You can prove this by measuring the battery voltage. It should go up by at least 1/2 voltwhen the vehicle starts. If the voltage does not raise simply locate another ignition wire behind thekey which you have not yet hooked up to and power this wire using a relay and ignition 3 from ourmodule. If you still can’t fix this hook the unit up on the TACH mode and it will ignore this item.

7. One of the alarm inputs received a trigger. Don’t worry about this code if the unit has never gotten upand running before. Otherwise, make sure the remote starts built-in alarm (if equipped) is disarmedand then try again.8. Over-current. This means that one of the transistor outputs is driving too much current.

Make sureto use a relay on the transistor outputs where necessary, and double check that any relays areconnected properly. You may need to place a diode across the coil of each relay.9. For manual transmission modules only: Check connection of the emergency brake wire toAutoCommand. This wire must see a ground signal when the emergency brake is engaged.

12. A- The Control Switch was turned off too soon. Make sure you are getting the diagnostic code as perstep A on sheet one of this installation note. You will also get this code if you turn the toggle switchoff while the vehicle is still running from remote control.B- The control switch or one of its wires may have somehow shorted to ground.

If the toggle switchhas shorted to ground at any point during the installation the unit may be damaged. If you know thishas happened, measure the voltage on each wire of the toggle switch with the switch off. Simply jump12 volts from the main (pink) power wire to the wire from the switch with the higher voltage. This willbypass the damaged component, allowing the unit to function as designed.

(We recommend youinsert a 1 amp fuse in-line with your jumper in case the toggle is accidentally shorted again) If youcontinue to receive this code please contact our technical support department.Special Tip: Except for the 20023 – if the hood is open the parking/headlights (if connected) will flash alongwith the LED during the self diagnostics mode.

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