atertown, Books, Magazines and Computer Software How to

atertown, Books, Magazines and Computer Software How to

atertown, CT 06795 for a copy of their publication. House-sitting is much more more attractive to the average person. The only drawback is that most opportunities are for short terms, 3 months to a year. However, if you only want to locate to an area for a short period of time, this is the way to do it and live rent-free. Many people would rather have someone occupy their home during their absence than have it sit empty.

You would be expected to maintain the premises and treat it “better” than as if it were your own. Sources of Additional Information Free Reports How to Get Free Travel How to Fill Your Home with Free Books, Magazines and Computer Software How to Travel Almost Anywhere and Stay Free in a Home or Luxury Hotel Books for Sale Free Stuff from Uncle Sam Free Stuff for Sports Fans 1001 Things You Can Get Free If you would like to browse hundreds of other how-to and special interest books, as well as hundreds of free reports, click here! ©1998 Advantage Enterprises Unlimited, Inc. The publisher assumes no responsibility or liability for any of the information, and its potential use or misuse, included in this report.

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