Information Security Architecture

Information Security Architecture

Information Security Architecture (ISA) have been key factor for all IT involved organization to success. Both internal and External network security controls are essential to protect financially significant systems from unauthorized access, network-based attacks and unexpected outages. Our review of the network will assess the network infrastructure for security, availability, and performance to gauge security mechanisms deployed, the adequacy of such controls and effectiveness in providing strong security while ensuring minimum impact of productivity. Given below are some of the key areas with which ISA is concerned with.

The benefits of an assessment extend beyond just prevention. They confirm alignment of business mission and facility performance expectations, quantify the risk and exposure of the critical facilities to failure, identifies vulnerabilities, become the first step in creating an action plan for site hardening, benchmark against the industry and assists in developing business case for capital expenditures. Applying physical, administrative, and technical safeguards could lift a business toward a higher level of information security and productivity. The risk assessment exercise attempts to

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