In order to promote and improve to tourism industry in Malaysia

In order to promote and improve to tourism industry in Malaysia

In order to promote and improve to tourism industry in Malaysia, there are many recommendations for it.

1) Improvement in transportation system

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The Ministry of Transport will have to provide an efficient transport system within the urban centres and rural areas to link up places. It will directly contribute to domestic tourism by having a good transportation because the well-planned transport infrastructure and road maps showing places of interest will help to bring tourist sites to gain more attention by domestic visitors.

2) Tourism publicity

Malaysia can attract more domestic tourists to improve its economic if they put more effort to publicize about domestic tourism. A constant reminder of tourist attraction in the form of publications such as radio, newspaper, television and billboard advertisement will awake the consciousness for the visitors. It should be advertised with explanations about the routes to the place, cost of transport, accommodation, and entry fees that may be incurred.

3) The roles of education in Tourism

Tourism industry should require educational and training programmes for the tour operators, tourist guides, hotel managers, immigration officers, and those working in other tourist related sectors. They need to have good knowledge about the tourist attractions which enable them to provide better information and quality guidance to the satisfaction of the visitors. The government should educate Malaysian to keep the tourist attraction clean and comfortable which visitors can enjoy their holiday.


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