I am doing this HR course to further my career at work

I am doing this HR course to further my career at work

I am doing this HR course to further my career at work.
About HRPM we can say that it is a developmental path through which the types of activities, orientations and behaviors are established to become a successful HR professional. The vast majority of companies need a HR team to be able to develop successfully. Having a team of professionals in the field of human resources in the company, according to the fields established through the map of the professions, can make the organization a successful and long-lasting one.
In order to be a good and successful HR practitioner, it is necessary to have the skills and knowledge specific to the field. You also need to have knowledge of labor law, recent changes in legislation, and know the business for which you work.
You still need to have a good ability to influence and advise colleagues, whether they are colleagues or managers. It is also useful to have one or more key behaviors found in the CIPD’S HR map.
These qualities refer to those of active human resource professionals who hold, shape and lead themselves, others, and work within their organization, not just observing or facilitating activities. A HR department is successful in a company if only professionals work within it. At the same time, people from different backgrounds must be employed to use their abilities, and in this way they develop the operational plan of the organization for which they work and contribute to advancing the team while guiding and supporting HR team members.
We must not forget that HR is a strategic partner within an organization. The most important thing for them is to understand and get to know the business to attract and retain talents at the lowest cost. For this it must be native curiosity, ask questions, read, seek, verify, validate, do not give up easy, compromise, communicate effectively, be organized, know how to sell, but and know how to sell their candidates.
lop the operational plan of the organization for which they work and contribute to advancing the team while guiding and supporting HR team members.
This map of human resources professionals is structured as follows:
– 2 core HR strategies
– 10 professional domains
– 8 types of behaviors
– 4 transition bands.
These 4 bands cover all professional areas, behaviors and transitions. The map of professional maps shows us an overview of all the data, strategies and planning required to have a successful career in the field of human resources. The map helps you pursue a career from the beginning of a HR job to reaching the highest level in HR (CIPD 2012).To answer the question in the title, one could use the system put together by the CIPD, known as the CIPD Professional Map as seen in the slide above. Its purpose”…sets out the required underpinning skills, behaviour and knowledge.” (CIPD, 2018) The map’s layout is set out like;
The 10 professional areas divided into 4 categories of competencies give us a picture of what activities and knowledge are needed for a successful human resource professional.
We then come to the 8 behaviors that point to a good professional the way they have to fulfill their tasks and responsibilities. Incorrect mapping can also have negative implications, so much attention is needed.
The 4 competency bands provide a detailed way of bringing contributions by a professional in this area of ??human resources to his organization on each of his career levels.
as an example, contributions can be made in areas such as: customer relationship, performance evaluation, organizational activities.
at the same time, is faced with the challenges of transition from one band to another. A good specialist in human resources must have the necessary skills to pass on a band on the other career promotion without any problems.
What is a Performance appraisal?
Performance appraisal can be done when employees have set goals, their fulfillment, and the feedback they receive makes them aim to achieve them.
Feedback can be given as work is being done to meet the target directly to the employee, but some companies have an official communication style called performance evaluation. This performance appraisal is a process between an assessor and an employee. The employee is assessed against the success of the objectives in the previous period and new targets can be set for the next performance evaluation period.
The reward system includes financial rewards consisting of wage increases, benefits, bonuses that to some extent bring employee satisfaction, but for some employees, direct recognition is required to keep them motivated.
Baron (1983) argued that when we recognize and acknowledge the employees in terms of their identification, their working capacity and performance is very high. This recognition is, according to many experts, the most necessary and satisfying, while the reward incorporating the material benefits can not be the only motivator.
  It is clear that rewards play a vital role in achieving performance at work and are on the positive side of the employee motivation process.
The promotion is perceived in the sense as ‘A move to a position in which responsibilities and presumably, prestige are increased’ (Yoder, D. et al.,).
Promotions have a positive impact on employees. These promotions often bundle with wage growth and a superior hierarchical position.
The two hearts of the map, Insights, strategies and solutions & Leading HR, are the basis for a successful HR career, these must be considered regardless of career status and place in the organization.
In the two cores the strategies are together to have lasting organizational performance and also inspire leadership in HR pre-requisites (CIPD 2012).
An important professional area is learning and developing the talent that takes place on Band 1, thus ensuring that employees have the skills they need to effectively contribute to the long-term goals of the organization. He needs to know the methods of training and development, he must evaluate the responsibilities and performance of the employees, and where there is a need for improvement to apply a good method to increase performance.
Band 2 shows whether and how I can demonstrate my knowledge and understand this core area, personal knowledge and skills related to the leadership of personal development of human resources. I’m looking for feedback and I’m coaching myself to learn and continually develop as a professional. Using the human resources process as required for my own CPD as an HR worker but wanting to develop and specialize in this area to be able to pursue a career in this profession, I attended human resources courses in 2008 and now I’m looking for a CIPD Foundation certificate level.
CPD – Continuous professional development.
It refers to the process of tracking and developing the skills, knowledge and experience gained both in practice and theoretically, as you develop the activity after initial training. This plan is to have a future vision of where you want to go into your future career as a portfolio to prove career progression as a professional.
The CPD process helps you manage your development continuously to help you plan, examine and reveal what you learn is, in fact, a plan that extends throughout your career.
A CPD plan will help you:
– have clear documentation
– either the employer’s development plan, not the employer
– rely primarily on learning from experience, help you constantly review your plan and set your goals for development
– training must be formal and informal
If your CPD plan also includes membership of a professional body, it’s a great thing, because there you can find many useful tips, documents that will help you reveal your plan and update your professional skills. gives you a vision of your professional development so far and shows you the achievements and how far you have progressed, the career direction, shows your shortcomings and how to remedy them. It also presents examples and scenarios for CVs or interviews to help you demonstrate career progression or help you to change your job


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