There also omniscient. He is all-knowing, and

There also omniscient. He is all-knowing, and

There are two kinds of “evil” or “bad” things that happen in our world,moral evil and natural evil. Moral evil is evil that is willfully imposedupon the world by free moral human agents. Moral evil are things like rapeand murder, which are committed by people with a free will and conscience.It results from the actions of free creatures. On the other hand we haveNatural evil this is evil in the world that arises from what we call”natural” events, things that are the result of the way the world operates.

This would include earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, disease, birth defects,and other aspects of our world that cause suffering and death. Of course,sometimes the two are combine, such as when flooding results in loss ofhuman life due to poor planning or sloppy construction of buildings.Christians believe that God is omnipotent. This means that heis all powerful and can do anything that can be logically possible. As Godcan only do what is logically possible, God cannot do or create what islogically impossible.

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Examples of logically impossible entities include”married bachelors,” “square circles,” and “a brother who is an onlychild.” But these are not really entities; they are merely contrary termsthat are strung together and appear to say something. Hence, everything ispossible for God, but the logically impossible is not truly a thing.(http://www.equip.

org/free/DM410.htmhttp://www.vexen. is also omniscient. He is all-knowing, and His all-knowingness includes the past, present, and future. He knows what hadhappened?, what is happening?, and what will happen?. That means he hasuniversal knowledge of everything. He has never “learned” anything, nor hashe “discovered” a new fact.

He is never “surprised” by what men may do. Heknows our thoughts, and the very details of our bodiesAnother quality that god possesses and which is important isthat he is benevolent. Everything he does is good and he loves everyoneequally.

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