Everything homework always on time. Boring stuff! Think

Everything homework always on time. Boring stuff! Think

Everything is possible.

Are you tired of being a normal kid in school, doing everything perfectly and doing your homework always on time. Boring stuff! Think of this! it is possible to drive your teacher crazy. Here are some tips.

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First, never ever do your homework. Secondly, don’t listen to her. I am positively sure that the few ideas that follow will drive your teacher crazy.What was the last time you enjoyed yourself in the classroom? As you know, it is no fun being quiet.

It is one of the ways to drive your teacher crazy. Make alot of noise. Don’t care that your teacher is telling you to stop again and again. Just act stubborn and keep on talking as your normal routine. Using swear words will increase your teacher’s temper, and you will be happy forever. These tips will for sure help you to not be a listener.Do you hate homework? Did you ever wish not to do your homework? Are you doing your homework right now like always.

There is no time for you to enjoy. Think you are in a classroom and your teacher is collecting the homework. When she will ask you to give her the homework. Just answer her, What! homework or did we have any homework?. I guaranteed that it will make your teachers face red. If you are not satisfied by thin and you want to make your teacher angrier than before, then use this formula.

Always forget boring studies and do smart work. always be prepared for cheating. This advice will help you to become a perfect cheater and a homework free person.What are you doing to your life by sitting quietly and calmly? Do something crazy.

Forget the boring way of sitting in the class. What you need to do first is try acting. Act like sleepy all the time.

Don’t bother to know what’s going around you in the class? I you don’t like it this way. Then act restlessly. Secondly, do not just sit on your assigned chair. Try a new chair everyday.

This is good way to make your teacher upset. by your acting crazy will make your teacher act crazy.Remember nothing is impossible at school. Now you have a solution to your problem. By following every single bit of my advice, you can become the kind of smart person you want to be.

Also you can make yourself happy. Now you are not only crazy, but the best cheater, a homework free person and the worst listener. You have done all of this.

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