Before you start

Before you start

Before you start, make sure you have everything you need for your paper Final draft (with title page and References/Works Cited page) All peer edits (if class is applicable) All rough drafts (if handwritten) notecards this checklist Any prewriting Formatting The page numbers are correct The title page is correct There is a heading The font size is 12 pt. font, Times New Roman The paper is double-spaced Introduction The introduction has a hook and grabs the attention of the reader There are connecting sentences in the introduction that set up the thesis statement The clear engaging thesis statement has two topics and two assertions (a clearly defined opinion that can be argued), as well as a contrasting transition word Body Each body paragraph has a clear topic sentence Each body paragraph stays focused on the topic at hand There are enough/appropriate examples used to support the topic in each body paragraph. The examples are showing, not telling The support is well explained and connected to the thesis. After the introduction, there is at least one paragraph of background/history into the subject/topic/argument The transitions between body paragraphs are smooth Conclusion The conclusion recaps the main points made in the body. The conclusion restates the thesis. There is no new information in the thesis. There is a strong closing sentence. Documentation There are the required number of sources being used (quoted/summarized/paraphrased) Each source is introduced before quoting it for the first time. (ICE) Each quotation has the correct citation (ICE) Each quotation is explained. (ICE) Title on Works Cited/References page is correct (no bold, italics, etc.). Paper has correct use of italics/underlining and quotation marks. Each citation on the Works Cited page is correct. (See MLA source) Overall (I)How long total (from beginning to end) did you spend on this paper (I)How many times in class did (estimate) you asked for help with this paper If so, with what (I)What part of writing this paper took the most time (I)Besides length number of sources, what is the most significant difference between your first draft and this final version What part of this paper could still be improved What do you think is the strongest part of this paper What do you think is the weakest part of this paper What grade would you give your PARTNER on this paper Why Owner of Research Paper Section Signature of Evaluator Section Literary Analysis Research Paper Self-Evaluation Checklist (Your Partner completes this form for you. (I) are interview questions. Y, yu),j-BYRHO8@
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