Help improve own and team practice in schools

Help improve own and team practice in schools

Help improve own and team practice in schools.

TDA 2.6
Shapla Hoque

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Learning outcome 4 – Be able to support the work of the team.

In order to work efficiently in schools, good teamwork is vital. Teamwork aids in building a positive relationship with those that are in your team, in addition to showing that there is support for one another within the organization. Whenever there is team work, responsibilities and tasks are shared and are accomplished more effectively and in addition to a good time scale. Each individual person has their own skill and or expertise, communicating with them assists you to learn along with building up your own knowledge and identify your own responsibilities.

It is very important to work as part of team as this can only add better results, you can pay attention to other people’s views and their ideas and furthermore share your own ideas and experiences. Working as a team can lessen your own work load through sharing good practice, giving out worksheets, saving time planning your own worksheets for your class. Everyone inside your team will know what the objective is and work collectively to accomplish it. Relationships involving staff within your team will get stronger plus you will feel appreciated also this will help build your confidence and self esteem.

A significant step to expand classroom team work is to identify the role of teaching assistants which is valuable to the efficient learning of all pupils. Teaching assistants offer support to pupils, teachers, school and curriculum. they work in the school along with teachers and students providing helpful support for teaching and learning activities.
The roles and responsibilities of the team in where I work consists of various types. Firstly, my team consists of me, my mentor/manager and my TA colleagues as well as the class teacher im assisting in. My role is to make sure I’m effectively carrying out the responsibilities given to me and making sure that me and everyone in my team are all working together to help provide support for teachers and pupils. It is vital for the team to have frequent meetings to allow the staff to implement new ideas or plans, resolve problems, discuss, prioritize and complete important tasks, which in all will profit the pupil’s education and school experience.
Own role and responsibilities, and those of others in the team:
Ensuring that my team leader (my manager) has given me and my other team members instructions, direction for a task that needs to be completed.

Complete all tasks when given a certain role within the team, for example taking pupils out on a school trip and being in charge of a certain group of children.
Assisting teachers and working together efficiently to provide best learning experience for pupils.
Preparing the classroom for lessons e.g. getting the books out
My mentor/manager asking HER manager for any help or assistance needed, weather its classroom assistance or something simple similar to putting up displays.
whilst working in teams I have always respected and valued the knowledge and opinions of other practitioners. This is because in sequence, to have a good working relationship with them, you need to prove that you have measured their opinions and experience. If I am to respect my colleagues and appreciate their contribution to the team, I expect the same respect and gratitude from them to me. In addition most of my colleagues have had a great deal more experience than myself and are thus likely to be able to suggest good advice in situations I have had no experience of.


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