Dabla Basher Ahmad

Dabla Basher Ahmad

Dabla Basher Ahmad (1991) in his book “working women in Kashmir” explained an empirical study of the Kashmiri women in the backdrops of change and transformation in the past few decades. Changes among the Kashmiri women are reflected in their adoption of the role of the working women due to social, economic political, demographic, cultural and educational changes. Thus in the wider context of social change among the women the study has been carried out on working women in Kashmir. This study is based on extensive field work, carried among the working women in the Kashmir division of Jammu and Kashmir State, where three major and central districts of Srinagar were selected for the study. The empirical investigation for the study was carried out among 200 selected working women during the period of 1986-1989 three major findings of study; first the KashmiriMuslim women responded positively to the processes of change despite the accepted notions terming them as die hard fanatics who resisted any form of change.; secondly in changing scenario, they are much ahead in adapting to changes as compared to their religious counterparts in India. Thirdly the Kashmiri women have undergone a considerable degree of transformation in terms of role and status. Regarding attitudinal change the finding reveals that a large degree of change has occurred at the levels of attitudes among working women, belonging to various socio-economic background, due to cultural support and political backing.


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