Hacking of private data

Hacking of private data

Hacking of private data, programs, and computer viruses impact our lives ranging from minor disturbance to consequential incidents. The main purpose for these system attackers are to steal confidential data, to make illegal monetary transaction, and to demolish or to change data. Clicking on email attachments that hold a virus, opening malefic websites, link or unwittingly downloading a threatening program are frequent methods through which a computer can be hacked and information can be stolen. We all had at least one incident where we involuntarily caught a virus from going on the wrong website and have the entire desktop freeze. Many of the gamers at Obra d. Tompkins high school are engaged and submerged in online tournaments during their free time. From playing at home and during class, these students all agree the significance of cyber security so that their saved up material will not be messed with.


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