1.) passed by Congress and signed by

1.) passed by Congress and signed by

1.) Explain Truman’s domestic policy and how did his policy change?Harry Truman wanted to follow in the footsteps of Franklin Delano Roosevelt when Truman took office in 1945.

First, Truman attempted reconversion, the social and economic transition from wartime to peacetime. However, he appeared ill-prepared for the presidency.The Taft-Hartley Act was passed in 1947 which allowed the president to declare a eighty day cooling off period when strikes hit industries that directly affected the national interest. During this period, the strikers had to return to work while the government studies the heated situation.

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The Truman Fair Deal basically extended Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal, introducing a twenty one point program to promote full employment, higher minimum wage, and a variety of several other items.4.) Compare and contrast the election of 1948 to 2000.The election of 2000 was strikingly similar to the election of 1948.

In 1948, the experts and almost all polls picked New York governor Thomas Dewey to defeat Truman; however, Truman scored an upset victory. Also, like the 2000 election, the media jumped the gun and declared Dewey the winner before the votes were tallied.5.) How was Dwight D. Eisenhower approach different from his predecessors and what did that earn him?Eisenhower’s approach to politics differed quite a bit from the “scrappy fighter” Truman. The former commander-in-chief of the Allied forces was a talented diplomat and along with the charismatic running mate Richard Nixon swept into the White House in the election of 1952.6.

) What was the National Defense Education Act?The National Defense Education Act was passed by Congress and signed by Eisenhower in 1958 and was designed to improve science and mathematics instruction in America’s schools.7.) What was Truman’s stand on civil rights?Truman was a public supporter of civil rights and had meetings with African Americans to discuss the steps needed to establish a permanent civil rights commission.

8.) Who was Jackie Robinson and what were his accomplishments?Jackie Robinson has been called the first African American to play in Major League Baseball in 1947. Two years later, he was named the league’s most valuable player. However, his biggest accomplishment was paving the way for more African Americans to follow him into professional sports.9.) What was Brown v.

Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas?Decided on May 17, 1954, The Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas was a historic ruling that determined that “separate but equal” doctrine was no longer permissable in public education and that “separate facilites are inherently unequal”.10.

) What were the issues surrounding the Montgomery Bus Boycott?The bus boycott stemmed from a December 1955 incident where Rosa Parks was arrested for not giving up her seat to a white man. The bus boycott called for all African Americans to refuse to use the Montgomery bus system until the company changed its racist policy.11.

) What were the issues that led to civil rights struggles at Little Rock, Arkansas?The civil rights struggle at Little Rock was when nine African American children attempted to attend Central High School. The governor of Arkansas, Orval Faubus, posted National Guard troops at the school who turned away the blacks.12.) What were the issues surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy?On November 22, 1963, gun shots rang out as President Kennedy was riding in an open limousine in Dallas, Texas. Both he and Texas governor John Connally were struck; however, Kennedy was the lone victim of Lee Harvey Oswald’s attack.

Oswald was a former Marine who supported Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.13.) Who was Chief Justice Earl Warren and what was the purpose of the Earl Warren was the head of the Warren Commission, a commission formed to investigate the heinous act. However, two days after Oswald assassinated Kennedy, Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby stepped through the crowd and fatally shot Oswald live on national television.

14.) What was the Bay of Pigs invasion?The Bay of Pigs Invasion left a bitter taste in the American public’s mouth. The fiasco took place on April 17, 1961. It was scheduled to be a invasion of Cuba by anti-Castro exiles; however, the air strike that was planned to cripple the Cuban air power failed, and many 15.) What was the Cuban Missile Crisis and what did it prove?The Cuban Missile Crisis began after the Bay of Pigs mess, when the Soviet Union pledged support of also communist Cuba. On October 16, 1962, spy plane photographs revealed that the Soviets were building missile silos on Cuban soil.

From then on, both the Soviet Union andUnited States were poised to attack each other with nuclear warheads. Even though cooler heads prevailed, the U.S. and the U.S.S.

R. were one step closer to nuclear war.16.) What was Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society?President Lyndon B.

Johnson’s Great Society was his plan to aid public education, provide medical care for the elderly, and eliminate poverty.17.) What was it that led to Johnson’s success in the 1964 election?Unlike his opponent who believed in using nuclear weapons when the United States saw fit, President Johnson took advantage of the country’s paranoia of nuclear warfare and won in a landside over Republican Barry Goldwater.18.

) What were the causes of the Vietnam War?The Vietnam War was the only war that America lost. During the 1800s, France established French Indochina and other colonies in the area. Communist Ho Chi Minh called for his Vietnamese people to rebel against the French. While this went on, at the Geneva Conference in July 1954, Vietnam was divided into two separate nations. Supposedly, two years later, the country was to hold elections to unify the country.

Unfortunately, these elections never took place and America joined the struggle for power of Vietnam.Bibliography:1.) Explain Truman’s domestic policy and how did his policy change?

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