I that the Coburn Amendment should be

I that the Coburn Amendment should be

I disagree with Katha Pollit’s article on “The moral property of women” printed in The Nation Magazine on July 10th 2000. In my opinion I believe RU-486 known as “the French abortion pill” should never be made available in the United States. Even though it has been available in Europe, Asia and the United Kingdom for twenty years, America has different political and moral standards. This may very well be the reason that even though it’s been approved through Food and Drug Administration it is still not available. Morally speaking allowing RU-486 to be released would slowly demoralize our society.

I believe that it is a women right to choose, but I feel a procedure like that should be done under the supervision of a doctor, where the procedure can be done safely. A pill like RU-486 would allow to many to think that it is a form of birth control.Politically speaking, I believe that president Clinton should not have approved RU- 486, if he had other issues concerning the safety of the pill in our country. If the Food and Drug Administration had issued an approvable letter and the pill is still not available it has to be dangerous. This is huge political decision bearing, the weight of our political and moral society.

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With regard to Katha Pollit suggestion with dealing with politicians and the Food and Drug Administration pro-choicers are given their freedom to voice their concern and to bring the issue up to their representatives, but I believe that the Coburn Amendment should be passed. I don’t believe that Gore or Bush will make a decision of RU- 486 because there are as many pro-choicers as there are anti- choicers.Bibliography:

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