First well. “How good these impressions are

First well. “How good these impressions are

First Impressions “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”(Oscar Wild) . When you meet someone for the first time you are actually determining how your friendship will be in the future. Most importantly you are giving them a first look at who you are and how the tone of your relationship is going to be. First impressions are one of the most important to be good at.

First impressions cause first opinions as well. “How good these impressions are at making accurate judgments of people depends on the observer and the person being observed”(Carlin Flora for www. psychologytoday. om) . This means that the person you meet will will judge on your appearance and actions.

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Recent study’s have shown that people can evaluate someones attributes in the first 20 to 30 seconds the same as well as a trained professional could in 20 minutes. This is also when they will determine if your a prompt person or not. The tone of a relationship is also determined by first impressions. If you act comfortable and relaxed chances are they will also be comfortable and relaxed. This also works the other way around.

Keeping a positive attitude is key when setting the tone of a relationship.Before ether people say a word your brain is already having internal conversation. It asks things like “Who does this person remind me of? ” and “how is this person like me? ”.

This affects the relationship tone because it is starting to make you think of a personality that is not there own. There is a science to first impressions that most people do not know about. When you meet someone for the first your body does a plethora of different things. First is your eyes and brain get engaged and tell you the appearance of the person.Then your nose kicks in and helps you know what you think of them. Many times, the way a person’s breath smells determines the course of the conversation and can leave a long lasting and devastating effect, even if everything else is normal. Next is the sound of there voice.

tone, pitch, loudness, softness, even vocabulary, articulation, dialect, etc. All of these things will aid us in forming an opinion of the other person. The last thing is touch. When you meet someone and give a hand shake or hug etc.

it has an affect on how you will think of them.First impressions have many unique qualities. You may have heard the saying “Impressions last”. This is said because when you make a first impression you are letting the other individual know how you are and what to expect from then on.

Its similar to taking a picture, what you see is what you get. When you make that first impression it will be hard for the other person to forget what you said and did and this is what they will expect from you from then on. Another quality is that when you make a first impression the the person your meeting is also making one on you.If you have have ever made a bad impression you know how hard it is to undo the damage. Messing up on any on of the things that were mentioned in the above paragraphs could be fatal to a relationship. When you make a bad impression one someone they usually will always see you the same way. It is extremely hard to undo the ill affects of bad impressions.

Some times certain circumstances affect the way some one handles a first impression. Lets say you’r uncle just passed away, the individual your making the impression on will most likely give you a second chance and understand.Then you have the people that let your day to day relationship determine how they view you. If we take a look about at history from a first impressions point of view we see its importance. In England in 1936 we see King George VI taking the throne as king. When you look at King George VI we Know from the film “ The kings Speech” that he had a stammer when he spoke.

The first impression of the king is “not a good public speaker” but over time he became better and gave some of England’s best speeches. That is why first impressions are important they will never be forgotten but you can learn a lot from them.

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