Fallen SoulsCantos III, V, and XXXIV are only

Fallen SoulsCantos III, V, and XXXIV are only

Fallen SoulsThesis Statement: In each Circle and Canto there are differentpenalties to pay but it is for sure that each forbidden soul in theInferno will live forever in eternal suffering.I. IntroductionII.

Medea and JasonA. Jasons love affair.B. Medea and the three children exiled.

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C. Medeas slaying of the three children and Glauce.D. Jasons penalties.

III. O. J.

SimpsonA. His Crime.B. His Penalties in the Inferno and in life.IV. Benedict ArnoldA. His Crime.

B. His Penalties in Hell.V. ConclusionFallen SoulsCantos III, V, and XXXIV are only three of the Cantos of thefallen souls of the Inferno. The Inferno is the place we call Hell. Itreeks with bad smells and bugs and fire along with the many otherhideous things.

The Inferno has many Cantos and Circles, eachfor a different sin or wrong doing towards another. In each circleand Canto there are different penalties to pay but it is for sure thateach forbidden soul in the Inferno will live forever in eternalsuffering.Our first soul to discuss is eternally locked in Canto V,Circle Two: The Carnal. This man, Jason, became king of Cornithby committing adultery against his wife, Medea, with the king ofCorniths daughter, Glauce. Jason returns to Medea and tells herthat she and their three children are to leave his home immediatelyso he and Glauce can move in.

The following day Medea sendsGlauce a poisoned robe which kills her. This causes Jason tocome to Medea for revenge, where he finds his three childrenmurdered by their mothers hand. Jason grief stricken falls uponhis own sword and dies there with his sons. Jason is reputed to theCarnal a place where souls who give up there own life for passionare swept forever in the tempest of Hell, forever denied the lightof reason and of God, (Literature 635). He is forever with thejudge of Hell, Minos.The Caina is the first ring of the last circle where those whoperformed acts of treachery against their kin, (Literature 638). One destined for the Caina is O.

J. Simpson. This man committeda sin that would send him to Canto XXXII.

Simpson killed hiswife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman in ajealous rage. Simpson will surely be judged by Minos to go toCaina were his soul will forever have to live in retribution andthink about what he had done against his wife, Nicole. O. J. willalso have to live the rest of his life on earth and pay cash sums tothe Browns and Goldmans.

And he will also have to live andwatch his children grow up without a mother and see their pain,the pain that he will experience in Hell.The last Circle of Canto XXXIV, Circle Nine, Cocytus, is thefinal and most punished place for souls. In Cocytus the peoplewere treacherous to their masters, (Literature 641). Thepunishment in Cocytus is given by Satan himself. The souls ofthe last class (with fear my verses tell it) were covered wholly; theyshone below the ice like straws in glass, (Literature 641). Andamong these ice covered souls is the soul of Benedict Arnold, anAmerican officer of the American Revolutionary War. DuringArnolds time as an officer he became one of GeorgeWashingtons most trusted officers.

But his deceit andworthlessness was shown when Arnold sold his services to theBritish, (New Standard Enc. A-627). Arnold supplied the Britswith valuable military information and agreed to turn over WestPoint to John Andr` a major in the British army. The plot fellthrough and Arnold fled from New England to London where hespent the rest of his life in obscurity poverty, (New StandardEnc. A-627). Now Arnold pays for his sins in the arms of Satan inCocytus.

Many souls truly repent and are sent to Heaven but some failto regret and are sent to Hell. These souls in Hell are beingcontinuously punished for their misgivings, yet some worse thanothers. Although some receive worse punishment than others theyall pay dearly and reap what they have sewn in life. Hell is a placeof eternal agony and misery where the evil of the world spends itsspirit life. The Inferno, the eternal suffrage for the condemned.Works CitedArnold, Benedict. New Standard Encyclopedia.

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