s needed to leave her mark upon Jason.

s needed to leave her mark upon Jason.

s a tragedy, possibly due to myview that Medea was the Heroine and main character rather than Jason.

From Jasons point of view it was truly a tragedy that his bride, children and successors were takenfrom him. However, I dont believe that this was a tragedy for Medea, but rather a personal story of an individual living her own will. Circumstances forced her to make a decision on her future, vowing to revenge her broken heart.Betrayed by her lover, Medea experienced feelings of hurt, anger and a desire for revenge. Once her mind was made up to strike back upon her assailant, all the details of her plan just fell into place. She was able to manipulate Jason, his new bride and the king into playing their parts in her scheme of bloody retribution. All the goals she set forth were accomplished; not however without pains.

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She was banished and was forced to murder her two children to attain her goal. Jason subjected her to a bottomless pain and she therefore grew stronger in order to survive. For her to continue she needed to leave her mark upon Jason. Murdering his bride, and Creon as an added bonus, got his attention.

Followed by the dismembering act of murdering his children. Crippling his existence Medea had won. She would not be mocked. Multiple times she questions hermorality on whether she could carry the plan out, but ultimately revenge was more important than her children or her way of life, due to the pain in her heart. I see that she made a large sacrifice to achieve revenge but surely this is no tragedy, not for her at least.

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