Astro Air Inc. is announcing the development of

Astro Air Inc. is announcing the development of

Astro Air Inc. is announcing the development of an entirely new style of water to air heat exchanger. The trade name is CuproBraze and was developed in cooperation with Outokumpu and the International Copper Association, Ltd.In comparing the CuproBraze technology with current coil designs of tube and fin coils or the all aluminum coil, we find the following advantages.

CuproBraze technology has the advantage of increasing the Btu performance of a similar sized coil made with tube and fin or all aluminum technology. Weight is one-half to one-third the tube and fin coil and very comparable to the all aluminum coil. Coil strength in vibration and durability tests are comparable to the tube and fin and far exceed the all aluminum technology.

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Corrosion resistance of the CuproBraze coil is similar to the copper tube of the tube and fin coil and of course far exceeds the resistance of the aluminum fin or the entire all aluminum coil in salt spray tests. So what is new and different about CuproBraze? CuproBraze uses SM2385 anneal-resistant brass tube, SM0502 anneal-resistant copper fin and OKC600 braze alloy in a controlled atmosphere braze oven. This combination gives us the best characteristics of lightweight; strength and high heat transfer coefficients. Our current development program is aimed at the heater coils used in the automotive, over-the-road truck and off-road machinery markets.

Our next market will be other hot water heat applications. Soon we will have tubing technology allowing us to develop evaporators and condensers with CuproBraze. If you have a project that needs better performance, lighter weight, more durability or higher corrosion resistance at a competitive cost, please give us a call. Mr. Zach Riddlesperger or Robert Ault at Astro Air, Inc. will be glad to explain this exciting new advancement in coil technology to you or your project team.

You can reach us by phone at 903-586-3691 or e-mail: emailprotected Cuproltr2

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