Water makes up about sixty

Water makes up about sixty

“Water sustains all.

” Thales of Miletus. Water makes up about sixty percent of the average person’s body. Water is a staple of life.

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It is something everyone needs. In my own opinion, there are four types of water drinkers, the one who refuses to drink water, the one who does not care what they drink, the one who drinks almost nothing else, and the one who follows the food pyramid. First, the one who refuses to drink water, his name is Mr.

Dehydration. He only likes to drink, coffee, sodas and generally any type of alcohol. He follows along W.

C. Fields, who once said, “I never drink water. I’m afraid it will become habit-forming.” Mr.

Dehydration is the type of person who tries not to drink water. Instead of taking a bottle of water with him he takes a flask of whiskey. He thinks of water as tasteless and unsatisfying. When forced to drink water, he reacts with an almost allergic reaction, spitting it out and throwing the glass, like the water inside disease ridden. While Mr. Dehydration detests drinking water, Bob is one who does not really care what he drinks. He is content with drinking water.

Although, he usually drinks coffee, sodas, and on occasion or at dinner drinks wine or has an alcoholic beverage. Bob thinks of water as more of a necessity. Mostly drinks water when out in the sun or playing sports, but he prefers Gatorade to water. Believes like Mark Twain, “Water, taken in moderation, cannot hurt anybody.

” Henry David Thoreau said “Water is the only drink for a wise man.”. The one who drinks almost nothing else, Joe Health Nut, thinks of water as the best and only way to go. He takes Thoreau’s quote maybe a little to far. Joe carries a water bottle with him everywhere he goes.

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