Creative a typical sailor, Cobiwas a National Championship

Creative a typical sailor, Cobiwas a National Championship

Creative Writing: The Wind in His Sail”Ahh, there’s no wind today,” sighed Cobi as he tacked his sail around andheaded for the shore. Cobi was a sailor. Cobi wasn’t a typical sailor, Cobiwas a National Championship winning sailor. A sailor who thrived on high windsand rough seas, who has accomplished everything there is to accomplish inCanadian sailing. He is the envy of every young sailor and child. They wish,aspire, and dream to be like Cobi.”Hii Cooobiii,” wines Julie.

Julie just happened to be standing on thedock of the Yacht Club as Cobi tied his luminous, new, nine-thousand dollar boatto its mooring. Julie, was just one part of Cobi’s large female entourage, whofollowed and prayed on his every move and breath. Cobi Jones was not only veryskilled in the nautical art of sailing, he was the most popular, the bestlooking, and even one of the smartest kids in school.”Hi Julie,” moaned Cobi in reply, “what are you doing here?”A shocked, but smiling Julie answered, “Just came to see ya.

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“”Well visiting hours are over,” Cobi uttered as he pushed past Julie andtrekked up the rocky shore to his home. His home! His home was a picturesquearray of hand-crafted pillars and intricate woodwork that beautified even theaesthetic sandy ocean beach that encompassed it. As always, after sailingpractise, he was greeted by a honk and a wave from his father returning fromwork. His father was a partner in Jones, Jefferson, and Deveau, the mostsuccessful law firm in Nova Scotia. He was able to fund Cobi’s sailing careerfrom the start, and his money played a very large role in Cobi’s sailing successand popularity. Other than Cobi’s majestic surroundings, Cobi led a typicaleighteen year-old after school life.

He ate, did homework, spoke to his manyfriends the phone, and then fell asleep with a remote control in his grip. Thisevening wasn’t an exception.The following day at school, Cobi was greeted by all of his friends andsailing cohorts and he sauntered to his first class. The greetings ranged from”Hey man”, to “What’s up”, and to the simple “Hi”. Cobi habitually respondedwith a mumbled “Yo.

” Sometime after an insightful, and invigorating lecture fromhis favourite English teacher Dr. Noble, he ran into his friend and sailingcrewman Greg. “Hey man, what’re ya doin’ after school today?” asked Cobi.”Nothin’ man, it’s too messy out. That hurricane’s gonna hit tonight youknow,” replied Greg.

“I know man, that’s why I asked””You don’t wanna go sailin’ do ya?””Yeah man, the winds lately haven’t been much of a challenge for me, eh.””I don’t know man?””Ahh c’mon, you’re coming to my party tonight aren’t ya.””Yeah””Well, we can go for a sail, then to the party””All right””Cool, meet at the club at 4:00. We’re takin’ the Laser””What!?! Okay,” sighed Greg as he made his way to his last class.

At the Yacht Club, the forty-five knot winds were drubbing the DangerousSeas warning signs into the clubhouse as the two young sailors began to rigtheir boat of a mere fourteen feet. The boys rigged their boat quickly and setsail. Cobi was the helmsman and hence, called all the commands. Greg respondedwith needle-point precision.

They tacked, gybed, and heeled in complete unison.If anyone else had had the craze of mind or desire of body to be on the waterthat night they would have found their sailing awe-inspiring. But the strongforty-five knot winds briskly became Herculean fifty-five knot winds that no onecould sustain. Then, the foreseen occurred, a quick change of wind directioncame about and toppled the great Cobi’s boat and threw the two into the cold andbitter ocean.

Greg was hit with the boom as the boat slammed onto the ocean’ssurface, he was knocked unconscious and drowned. “Ahhh, nooo. Why did I comeout here tonight? Greg!! Ahhh…

” exclaimed Cobi. Weeping, Cobi franticallymoved to right the battered boat. He succeed but the boat was well out of hisreach and it was impossible for him to swim to it in the high seas. Thenanother gust of mighty wind came and flipped the boat driving the mast of theboat through the abdomen of the struggling sailor.

The boat soon sank with theslain sailor in tow.

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