Geothermal therefore, significant levels of electricity can

Geothermal therefore, significant levels of electricity can

Geothermal Power picpicpicpicpicThe ground beneath our feet contains a significant amount of energy in the form of heat. All of this geothermal energy has the potential to generate geothermal power to provide large amounts of electricity.

People have used geothermal energy in the form of hot springs for centuries, however, the first attempt to generate electricity from this energy source did not occur until the 20th century. The production of electricity from geothermal energy sources can be a highly efficient method to generate a source of clean and renewable energy.Location is key for the development of an efficient geothermal power station, and therefore, significant levels of electricity can only be generated in certain areas. There are only a handful of locations across the world that are capable of producing viable and efficient levels of electricity from geothermal energy sources. As a result of this, in 2007, less than 1% of the worlds electricity supply was produced from geothermal sources. To harness geothermal energy and transform this into electricity, geothermal power stations are designed in a variety of ways.The three main power plant designs which utilise geothermal as an energy source are; “dry steam”, “flash steam”, and “binary-cycle” power stations.

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Geothermal Ground Source Heat Pumps Alternative “geothermal energy systems” are available, yet instead of providing power, they focus on providing heat and warmth. This heat can be used to heat water for your home or to simply provide heating for your house. Geothermal energy systems utilising ground source heat pumps are different to geothermal power systems. The main difference is that ground source heat pump systems only make use of the first few meters of ground.Water is usually pumped through one end of a lengthy piping system and by the time it reaches the other end, the water is of a higher temperature than it was at the start. This allows for an energy efficient boiler system as it doesn’t have to boil water from cold.

The great advantage of geothermal ground source heat pumps is that they can be used in many locations. Even cold regions such as Norway and Sweden see efficient results when using ground source heat pumps. A geothermal heat pump system can be very efficient in providing your home with a source of lower cost hot water.

The use of a ground source heat pump with a backup boiler allows your boiler to use less energy to heat the water than it would have previously. This can save you significant amounts of money on energy bills for your home or business. Geothermal Disadvantages Here are some disadvantages of using the power of geothermal energy to provide heat for your home or water through the use of a ground source heat pump. • The initial cost of design and installation can be costly yet this investment would be likely to pay off over the years of operation. The area needed to lay the piping system can be quite large and this may not be suitable for small developments. These are just some of the disadvantages of using geothermal energy yet there are many more advantages which greatly outweigh these negatives.

The use of wind turbines can be a great way to provide a source of clean and renewable energy for your home or business. There are a number of small wind energy devices that you can use to generate power and these can be very cost effective in providing a significant level of electricity.Many people in the UK are investing in wind energy technologies in addition or as an alternative to solar power. Wind energy is also a key ingredient for the United Kingdoms’ future energy growth and the plan to reduce carbon emissions.

If you’re concerned about the environment and would like to make a difference then the use of a home wind turbine is a good place to start. Depending on your location you can implement an efficient renewable energy system utilising a combination of both wind and solar power.Solar panels can be more effective than a regular home wind turbine, yet both devices offer a way to generate renewable electricity in a wide variety of locations.

You should always consult a renewable energy company that has experience in the design and installation of wind energy systems before going ahead with any development as the wind may not be a viable source of energy in your location and a reputable renewable energy systems company should be able to identify this and provide an alternate means of generating renewable energy suited to your location. Wind Turbines May Cut Energy BillsThe installation of renewable energy technologies such as; wind turbines, solar panels, and even geothermal systems can all contribute to helping you save money on your energy bills. The initial investment of these technologies can be quite high, yet they can be capable of paying for themselves over the years of operation. You can pick up a cheap, low output wind turbine for as little as ? 200 to ? 400, depending on how much power you wish to generate. We suggest taking a look at the wind turbine suppliers section of our website. This can be a simplified way for you to locate a wind energy system supplier and/or installer in your location.

Be sure to research and read about the many different advantages and disadvantages of wind energy relating to home and commercial wind turbine developments. You may wish to take a look at our page covering the The utilisation of solar panels is a great way to generate clean and renewable electricity that’s capable of powering remote appliances or even partially powering your home or workplace. There are two main forms of solar cells in existence today and these are “solar electricity panels” and “solar hot water panels”. The two different technologies available allow you to either generate electricity or provide a hot water supply.As time goes by we begin to see new, increasingly efficient solar panel designs.

This continues to make the use of photovoltaic power more viable to homeowners and businesses over electricity sources derived from fossil fuel sources. It’s unlikely we will see heavy industry using photovoltaic electricity for quite some time due to the much larger energy demand that industry requires, however, with increasingly efficient solar power technologies becoming available, photovoltaic electricity systems may be able to one day power large industrial facilities.As the technologies surrounding the use of photovoltaics improve, we are likely to see a much greater, widespread use of solar cells. Solar Electricity Panels Solar (or photovoltaic) cells are a very useful way of providing electricity to remote areas where the use of electricity may be essential yet the laying of high voltage cable may not be viable. The best example of the importance of solar energy to provide electricity in remote locations can be found in space. For many years, satellites have been using solar panels to catch the sun’s rays to provide power to the equipment on board.Photovoltaic cells can be aligned as an array, as shown to the top of this page.

There are many advantages of using a solar cell array with various panels fitted along a mounting system. One of the main advantages is that we are able to combine various numbers of cells to provide a greater output of electricity and this method makes solar electricity a viable option to contribute to powering small homes and businesses. Large scale arrays are capable of powering larger homes and businesses.

The increasing efficiency of solar energy technologies means we are able to purchase and install panels knowing we are likely to receive an efficient means of harnessing energy from the sun’s rays to turn into electricity for use in our homes. It’s possible for a household to receive its full amount of electricity from solar energy through the use of solar panels, yet this is unlikely in most cases. The costs involved with supplying a whole house with electricity from photovoltaic panels would be quite high for the average homeowner.The use of solar electricity in the average home is still a viable option to provide a substantial amount of electricity helping to reduce energy bills over the period of operation. Solar Hot Water Panels The use of solar panels to heat water is becoming increasingly popular around the world due to the cost savings associated with this method.

A good solar hot water panel system is able to provide an average household with around a third of its annual hot water supply. While this may not sound much, it can reduce energy costs by a considerable amount.Some installations combine both solar hot water panels with solar electricity panels, helping to provide reduced energy costs whilst harnessing a renewable and clean source of energy. The combination of a solar hot water panel with other renewable energy technologies such as solar panels or a home wind turbine can work quite well in providing a source of cheap, clean, and renewable energy for our homes. Integration is key for the success of a solar electricity system, so be sure to consult an expert in this field when planning any installation.Reputable renewable energy installation companies should be able to provide advice on the most appropriate solution for your area and personal requirements. For many years, wind turbines at sea have been producing significant quantities of electricity for a large range of countries across the globe.

With the construction of on-shore wind turbines on the rise, should we be looking into the construction of more off-shore wind farms? Coastal wind energy is usually much more reliable and of a greater force than in land wind energy. This coastal energy is far greater due to the open spaces the wind is able to use.The sea is flat, until you come to land, this gives wind energy a large open, clear path, where it can gain energy before hitting a land mass.

Have you ever noticed how hurricanes lose their energy once they reach land mass? This is an extreme example, but it helps to illustrate the effect that a land mass has on the force of the wind. The wind we receive as a result of our weather patterns is one of the most powerful natural energy sources on our planet. Off-shore wind turbines usually generate more energy than on-shore turbines, however, this isn’t true in every scenario.Wind turbines constructed on land can generate just as much energy as off-shore wind turbines. The deciding factor on a turbines efficiency lies in the placement of the turbine.

Coastal wind turbines are the preferred option, yet the costs involved in constructing a turbine out at sea are far greater than building a turbine on land. There are also many dangers associated with off-shore construction. There are a range of advantages and disadvantages of wind energy to look at, including the many problems associated with wind turbines.In this day and age, the world needs to look at the different natural energy sources available to us. Global warming could be due our energy craving lifestyle, so we should look into more environmentally friendly energy sources. Advantages: • Wind energy is friendly to the surrounding environment, as no fossil fuels are burnt to generate electricity from wind energy.

• Wind turbines take up less space than the average power station. Windmills only have to occupy a few square meters for the base, this allows the land around the turbine to be used for many purposes, for example agriculture. Newer technologies are making the extraction of wind energy much more efficient. The wind is free, and we are able to cash in on this free source of energy. • Wind turbines are a great resource to generate energy in remote locations, such as mountain communities and remote countryside. Wind turbines can be a range of different sizes in order to support varying population levels. • Another advantage of wind energy is that when combined with solar electricity, this energy source is great for developed and developing countries to provide a steady, reliable supply of electricity.

Disadvantages: • The main disadvantage regarding wind power is down to the winds unreliability factor. In many areas, the winds strength is too low to support a wind turbine or wind farm, and this is where the use of solar power or geothermal power could be great alternatives. • Wind turbines generally produce allot less electricity than the average fossil fuelled power station, requiring multiple wind turbines to be built in order to make an impact. • Wind turbine construction can be very expensive and costly to surrounding wildlife during the build process. The noise pollution from commercial wind turbines is sometimes similar to a small jet engine. This is fine if you live miles away, where you will hardly notice the noise, but what if you live within a few hundred meters of a turbine? This is a major disadvantage.

• Protests and/or petitions usually confront any proposed wind farm development. People feel the countryside should be left in tact for everyone to enjoy it’s beauty. Geothermal heat sources are used in a variety of ways across our world today, from geothermal power plants, to geothermal hot water systems, we shall now ttempt to understand what this geothermal energy is, and where it comes from.

What geothermal energy is, can essentially be described with the sentence heat contained and produced by the heating of the earth in two different ways. The more powerful geothermal energy comes from deep within the earth, where the temperature is hot enough to melt the surrounding rocks. The second source of geothermal energy is as a results of the suns rays beating down on the land surface. We shall now look into these two main sources.The center of the earth is approximately 4000 degrees Celsius, as described in the above sentence, this tremendous amount of heat is capable of turning rocks into liquid. This heat is able to warm the earth right up to surface.

The reason you do not burn your feet when they touch the ground is because there is a great distance between our feet and this molten rock, and only a very small, but significant fraction of this heat is transferred to the surface. You may find molten rock very close to surface along fault lines and around volcanoes, and this enables a volcanic area to be a very significant source of geothermal power.So we have now discovered the most powerful source of geothermal energy comes from the core of the earth, and if you are planning to harness geothermal energy, you are best doing so where molten rock is closest to the surface. The second source is more commonly overlooked as an alternative to the earths geothermal heat source, yet this method is installed in a significant amount of homes in areas such as Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, and is becoming more popular in the U. K.The great advantage of the suns geothermal effect, is you are able to harness the power in most areas unlike the earths geothermal heat source, where the location of, lets say a geothermal power plant can be the deciding factor in it’s efficiency.

So, geothermal energy from the sun is essentially a solar energy idea in that the original source of “ground source heat energy” is from the sun. All through the day, the suns rays shine down on the earths surface, and this heats the first couple of meters of our earth quite significantly. To understand this more, think about when it’s been snowing, and sun then comes out.Do you notice how there is always snow left in shaded areas a long time after the rest of the snow has melted? This isn’t to do with the general temperature increasing, it is the heat contained within the suns rays. This shows you how powerful our sun is, in that it is able to melt snow on our surface.

A very good, proven method of extracting this geothermal energy from the sun is though the use of geothermal heat pumps, which enable a low cost hot water heating system that is very environmentally friendly for your home. picpicpicpicpicpicpicpicpic

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