The are also the signature Disney attractions,

The are also the signature Disney attractions,

The world-class Hong Kong Disneyland theme park and resort is a must-visit on any trip to Hong Kong.

Located on scenic Lantau Island, Disneyland offers magical experiences for the whole family, ranging from Broadway-style shows such as Festival of the Lion King and The Golden Mickeys, to hilarious 3D movie and musical adventures at Mickey’s Philharmagic. There are also the signature Disney attractions, photo-taking with your favourite Disney friends, spectacular fireworks and a parade that is sure to enthral the entire family.Enjoy a magical journey through four themed lands at Hong Kong Disneyland – namely Main Street USA, Fantasyland, Adventureland and Tomorrowland. You can also load up on with Disney memorabilia and souvenirs from specialty stores in each themed land, and find a diverse range of food at various restaurants in the park.

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Disneyland also includes two great themed hotels for your convenience and pleasure. Tours include transport between selected downtown hotels and the park. Opened in 1977, Ocean Park Hong Kong is one of Hong Kong’s favourite attractions, featuring rides, exhibits and conservation facilities.Ocean Park is located on the southern side of Hong Kong Island, covering more than 870,000 square metres of land. There are three attraction areas, which are the Lowland, the Headland and Tai Shue Wan. The three areas are connected by a cable car, outdoor escalator which is the second longest in the world and Ocean Express. Aqua City Ocean Park’s Aqua City is a world-class marine themed area redefines your underwater experience.

Here you can explore the Lagoon and enjoy the dancing fountains and refreshing sprays.At night this display is transformed into a stage for the world’s first 360-degree water screen show, Symbio in which two nine-metre-tall dragons clash on screen! You can also embark on never-before-seen journey to the Grand Aquarium featuring 5,000 fish from over 400 species and other aquatic wonders. Drop by Neptune’s Restaurant for Hong Kong’s first aquarium dining experience! | | ‘Amazing Asian Animals’ At the ‘Amazing Asian Animals’ exhibit you can visit some of Asia’s rarest animals! Take the interactive journey of discovery at the ‘Giant Panda Adventure’ where you will get to know some of the Asia’s most precious ative animals like giant pandas, red pandas, Chinese giant salamanders and Chinese alligators. Admire the spectacular display of goldfish at the ‘Goldfish Treasures’ exhibit.

Visit the colourful birds and playful Asian small-clawed otters at the ‘Panda Village’. There’s also the ‘Panda Kingdom Shop’ for the perfect panda-inspired souvenirs and the ‘Panda Cafe’ for relaxation and refreshments. | | The whole family can also experience the joy and thrill of SkyFair, a huge helium-filled balloon measuring 22 metres in diameter which soars more than 100 metres into the sky.Other popular attractions have included the Ocean Theatre, Abyss Turbo Drop, the Mine Train and new and fun-filled entertainment facilities are introduced from time to time and the Master Development Plan is now underway. The park is also home to a fascinating Sea Jelly Spectacular, featuring more than 1,000 sea jellies of all sizes from all over the world. The Sea Jelly Spectacular offers a sensational undersea voyage for you to experience this most amazing undersea creature.

Ocean Park Hong Kong is committed to promote and support animal conservation in Hong Kong and throughout the Asia region.It has, in cooperation with other conservation organisations, launched various conservation programmes for a number of endangered species, including whales and dolphins. In addition, it has successfully bred rare species of birds, sharks and butterflies. Ocean Park never fails to impress. The outdoor escalator system is the second largest in the world and the cable-car ride to the headland provides unparalleled panoramic views of the south side of Hong Kong Island’s Riviera-like coastline and some of the 260 outlying islands of Hong Kong.

You will visit the latest themed area, Amazing Asian Animals, with some of Asia’s rarest animals including giant pandas, red pandas, Chinese giant salamanders and Chinese alligators, together with Goldfish Treasures & Panda Village. Come for a fantastic journey on the Ocean Express, the latest quick, smooth, thrilling and fun way to travel from Ocean Park’s Waterfront to the excitement at the Summit. Other highlights include: Pacific Pier, Dinosaurs – Now and Then; Amazing Amazon; the Atoll Reef, the world’s largest reef aquarium; and the Sea JellySpectacular, featuring more than 1,000 sea jellies of all sizes from all over the world.

Dolphins and sea lions perform at Ocean Theatre. The 72-metre-tall Ocean Park Tower gives visitors a spectacular view of the surrounding landscape, while thrill-seekers shouldn’t miss the massive Dragon roller coaster, the Abyss Turbo Drop and the Mine Train roller coaster. Enjoy splendid flora and fauna in the aviary and the Butterfly House, and let the children go wild at Kids’ World, where an array of games, shows and rides will captivate them with hours of fun.Everyone will enjoy Whiskers’ Wild Ride, an exciting simulated tour of Ocean Park by land, sea and air. You won’t believe it until you see it and experience the thrill yourself! Ghosts and ghouls have risen and established The Republic of Halloween at Ocean Park! Sing their national anthem and join these ghostly citizens with your passport to the dark side. Visit infamous sites including the Fear Factory, but don’t be enslaved in the devilish coffin factory forever.

Step into the Torture Chamber of the Dragon Empress, the house of pain run by evil Empress Cixi.Dance at the Carnival of the Damned, Ocean Park’s energy-filled celebration party. From ultra high-tech scares such as Hong Kong’s first 3D haunted house, to classic haunts and riveting shows, Ocean Park Halloween Bash 2011 is your ultimate celebration of the nation of ghosts! | | | See Hong Kong’s first ‘Living Christmas Tree’, ride adorable sea animals at the ‘Sea Life Carousel’, the brand-new thrill ride ‘The Flash’ and the latest Xbox 360 Kinect games.

Slip and slide down the world’s longest and tallest mega slide, a slippery slope that is 11-metres high and 54-metres long!Smaller kids can get their kicks with their very own 28-metre-long jumbo slide! Get together with your friends for a massive water gun fight and foam party! Catch exclusive shows in the Park, packed with excitement for the whole family! Let’s compare the two like boxers. First off in the tale of the tape are the entrance fees. Hong Kong Ocean Park is cheaper than Hong Kong Disneyland at HKD208 per adult and HKD103 per child compared to HKD295 per adult and HKD210 per child. Second, being older and bigger, Hong Kong Ocean Park has more attractions than Hong Kong Disneyland.Both are continuously expanding though with more features. Third, Hong Kong Ocean Park is nearer than Hong Kong Disneyland to the main urban districts. This does not really matter though because the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) can get you to Hong Kong Disneyland in a jiffy.

Read more: http://trifter. com/asia-pacific/hong-kong/hong-kong-ocean-park-vs-hong-kong-disneyland/#ixzz1c95pEGyp Personally, I like Hong Kong Ocean Park because the animals are live and real, and there is a cause planted in one’s head to take care of the environment and the animals in the planet.That really is a strong impact. Meanwhile, I cannot count out Hong Kong Disneyland. That castle alone in the grandeur of fireworks symbolize dreams coming true, and that goes along with the thought of how a spark like imagination can create an empire that is Disney. They are two powerful themes that can influence and surprise families going out just to have a good time in Hong Kong. When Hong Kong Disneyland opened in September 2005 it was viewed as a major tourism cash cow that would help drive the city’s economy.

The wholly government-owned Ocean Park, with a mandate to provide public recreation and education, faced intense competition. But it has risen to the challenge. For the past three financial years it has beaten Disneyland on number of visitors, and has also made – with the exception of last year – increasing net profits. The figure has risen from HK$119. 5 million in 2005-06 to HK$204.

7 million in 2007-08. Even in 2008-09, despite the financial downturn, it still registered a net profit of HK$98. 6 million. Visitors to Ocean Park have grown from 4.

8 million in 2005-06 to 4. 8 million in 2008-09. Hong Kong Inbound Tour Operators’ Association chairman Simon Hau Suk-kei said Ocean Park had certain advantages over the Disney venue. It had been established for 33 years and was better known to overseas visitors, whereas Disneyland had only been operating for four years, he said. An Ocean Park visit is now a fixed itinerary for many inbound tours from the mainland, whereas a trip to Disneyland is optional. “Visitors would have to pay an extra HK$400 and, given the location, they have to spend a whole day at Disneyland.Many therefore do not often choose to go,” Hau said.

But he said that with the launch of the solo visitor scheme, many visitors from Guangdong were coming to Hong Kong specifically to spend a day or two at Disneyland. “Currently, about half of these tourists will visit Ocean Park, compared with 20 per cent for Hong Kong Disneyland. There is a huge potential for growth for Disneyland. ” He added: “An average visitor spends between HK$1,000 and HK$2,000 at Disneyland, but would only spend HK$200 to HK$300 at Ocean Park. “Dr John Ap, an associate professor of tourism at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, said it had taken about 30 years for Ocean Park to reach an attendance of nearly 5 million, while the Disneyland venue had been open for less than five years. “Don’t be too pessimistic.

We have to wait five more years to get a better picture of Hong Kong Disneyland,” Ap said, adding that theme parks usually recorded no profit in the first few years. Lawmaker Fred Li Wah-ming said the Disney venue suffered from a bad start, which affected its reputation and popularity. Hong Kong Disneyland was, until recently, governed by foreigners who do not understand the local culture or the characteristics of mainland visitors,” he said. “Now the management has changed, but it will still take time for the park to change. ” No, thats not the reason.

I’ll be blunt…. It’s simply shxt..

kids like it only. Even the locals don’t like it nor find it special. Most people visit it once and usually never returns, but that’s not the case for OP. OP is wayyyyyy better, in size, in rides, cheaper price, more companies hold special functions there ; etc.Some locals tried to promote Disneyland by overly hyped through word of mouth but its not working.

The people’s that I know go simply becuz they have friends work there. They could bring up to 3 people in for free each time, up to 18 free tickets per year. But this year they placed a constrained on it, reducing it down to 9 tickets. nevertheless, they both are fighters, both are currently building up new shiny hotels and rides to attract bussioness.

The combination of high octane, thrills and spills rides, with superb, and educational, state of the art marine shows and exhibitions is unbeatable.Ocean Park has a pair of superb rollercoasters, a log flume and rapids ride. There are also a number of mid range action rides, meaning there is plenty to keep the family going all day. Disneyland on the other hand has only one rollercoaster and almost no mid range action rides, meaning anyone over the age of ten will be quickly bored.

On the other hand, Disney does have a slightly better selection of toddler and young rides, although Ocean Park is also no slouch in this department.Ocean Park’s selection of Marine shows are also first class, including shark aquariums, dolphin shows and the superb, sci-fi styled Jellyfish exhibit. Disneyland has nothing to compete with these excellent family friendly shows. One area in which Disneyland does beat Ocean Park is in dining. The dining options at Ocean Park are limited to dodgy hot dogs, while the full blown hotel restaurants at Disneyland are superb. Ocean Park also has no accommodation options, although it’s is far closer to the city than Disneyland.

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