by old house on top of a

by old house on top of a

by Tom-IngeEarlier today, John and I were taking a walk in the outskirts of the town,when we saw an old house on top of a hill.

I wanted to take a closer look at it,but John looked a little spooked, and mumbled something about not wanting to gothere. I convinced him that there was nothing to be afraid of, it’s just an oldhouse which haven’t been occupied for a while, though I wasn’t sure whethersomeone really was living there. We walked up the driveway, up to the house.

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Itwas huge. The place looked deserted, the grass wasn’t mowed for ages, andeverything was a mess. John chew nails like crazy, but I still wanted to checkthis place out.

The door was made of wood, and looked like it could fall apart any minute.I tried to turn the door knob, but it fell off as soon as I touched it. The knobrolled down the steps and kept on rolling down the driveway, and stopped by thefence.

That didn’t make John feel any better at all. He looked like he had seena ghost. I took a deep breath, and pushed the door. It wouldn’t budge an inch. Help me out, I said, but John kept chewing his nails. God knows why, there wasnothing to be scared of. Or was it? I took a step backwards, and then kicked thedoor.

It slowly slid open, and I went inside. Wow! What a huge mansion we’vegot here! John took a peek into the house, but didn’t dare go inside. There was a huge hall in the middle of the house, with staircases to my leftand right. I went right ahead, towards a glass door in front of me. It wasn’tlocked, so I carefully turned the knob, and the door opened.

Suddenly I feltsomeone touch my shoulder. I turned around immediately to see, but there wasnobody there. Probably just my imagination, I said to myself, and went on intothe room. It was a lounge, with some impressive furniture, antiques and other objects.It was a lot to look at, and I yelled for John. He didn’t reply, so I went tocheck on him.

All I found outside the house was a shoe, and his necklace. Icouldn’t quite understand what was going on. If he’d run away, at least he’dtaken his belongings with him. The door slammed shut behind me, and my heartstopped for a second or two. I turned, and again there was nobody there. All Icould hear, was the breeze in the trees nearby, and a helicopter flying over thetown. I admit I was a bit spooked myself now, and felt like running away, but Iwas fascinated by this old house, and wanted to explore it.

I turned around and went inside again, the door wasn’t locked this time. Iwent up the staircase, and into a bedroom. I should never have done that. On thebed lay John, without his shoe or necklace, completely pale in his face, dead. Istarted crying, wishing that we’d never entered this house in the first place. Acold breeze made me stop crying, and to swear revenge upon whoever that did thisto my friend.

Outside the room I spotted something floating in the air, in thehall. It was transparent, I could see through it. It floated closer to me, and Istarted running away, down the stairs and towards the door leading outside. Butit was locked.

I’m doomed, I thought, and stood still. As I looked to my left,I saw a window, big enough for me to climb through. I ran over there, knowingthat the floating thing was following me. The window was in a kitchen, and inone corner I saw a little white furry thing with long ears.

I looked behind me,the floating thing had stopped in the hall. I picked up the bunny, but when itturned around, I could see its long, bloodstained teeth, and its red eyes,staring at me. I couldn’t move, I panicked.

The bunny jumped and bit my arm, mygod it was painful, and the blood started running, dripping on the floor. Ikicked the bunny, it flew towards the hall, and then I broke the window with myshoe. But something kept me back. I had sworn revenge, so I couldn’t leave thishouse until I had eliminated the creature which had killed John. I turned, thebunny came running towards me, and I grabbed a knife to fight it off with. Iwaved the knife around, trying to stab the bunny to death, and managed to do soafter having been bit way too many times in my legs.

The kitchen didn’t containany form of bandages, so I started searching around the house, carrying thebloody knife with me. At last I found the bathroom, and some bandages to put on my wounds, butsuddenly someone turned off the lights. I got terrified, and walked around asblind as a bat. I felt someone touching me again, and ran as fast as I could ina random direction, until I hit my head in something and fainted.

When I woke upagain, I felt pain in my right leg. When I looked, I saw the furry little whitething chewing on my leg. I grabbed a pot plant, and smashed it into the rabbit,which fell lifeless to the floor. I picked up the rabbit, and walked towards arailing.

I was now in the hall, and I saw the floating thing downstairs, near thekitchen. The bunny started to move, and I quickly threw it over the railing. Ithit the thing down there, and they melted together into a green slimy mass. Thegreen stuff began crawling up the staircase, and towards me. My feet ached somuch, I couldn’t run, so I picked up my knife from the floor and prepared tofight it. I slashed the knife into the monster, but nothing happened.

I triedseveral times, but of no use. I climbed over the railing, and lowered myself bymy arms down to the floor below. The green mass followed. I walked towards thekitchen, but it was hard to see anything in the dark.

Some light came in throughthe windows, though. I searched the room roughly, and found a fork, a bottle,some broken glass which I cut my finger on, and a flashlight. I turned on theflashlight and looked around. I found some kerosene, and put it in the emptybottle I found, and then tore a piece of cloth from my shirt and stuffed intothe bottle. The Molotov cocktail was ready for use.

I lurched upon the creature,and when I was close enough, I lit the cloth with my lighter, and threw thecocktail at the green slime. The monster burned for quite a while, and soon itwas nothing left but ashes. I went up to the bedroom where John was, and Ifainted when I saw him get out of bed all by himself. When I awakened, I noticed that I was lying on the ground outside the house.John said that we’d better get as far away from this house as possible.

I triedto get on my feet, but I just fell on the ground again. John helped me get tothe railway station, and bought me a ticket. He had to go home, so he couldn’tjoin me. Now I am sitting here in a couch, riding as far away from that spookyplace as I can, but my legs are still aching. And what is that furry littlecreature in the corner of the couch? Category: English

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