Coupons can sometimes save you a ton of cash

Coupons can sometimes save you a ton of cash

Coupons can sometimes save you a ton of cash. Most people know it, but not all take time to look for them. Couponing is a time-consuming activity and not always worth your time because it takes too long to find a good and valid discount.
Looking for a random coupon while shopping might really be shooting in the dark, but knowing which stores usually have them can make life and saving money a lot easier. Some retailers are known to feature great coupons all the time, so shopping there you will definitely want to find a discount code before finishing the transaction.
Let’s look which stores carry great coupons all the time. The quantity is one thing, but we should also look into the quality, because only those two things together can make couponing worthwhile. The retailers below not only carry regular coupons, but let them apply to broad categories sitewide. After reading this article, you should never shop at any of those retailers without finding their coupons.
1. Snapfish
Do not get those photos at a sticker price ever again, because Snapfish always has coupons available to help you with your budget. Many codes are category-specific, but the selection is so wide that you will be able to cover your photo books, prints, and many other product types. You will often find 60% off the entire site and free shipping. Some restrictions apply, of course, and you will have a minimum purchase amount required.
2. RazorGator
RazorGator might let you save quite a bit of money on your next concert or event, but you might have to pull a decent size group together. The minimum purchase usually starts at $150, but your savings will get higher if you buy $200, $300, or even more.
3. Jimmy Jazz
You will find coupons for clothes, shoes, and accessories here. There are some general category coupons and free shipping offers, but most coupons apply to smaller sections, like T-shirts. In general, this store will give you plenty of coupon options to choose from for everything you will be looking for.
4. Sears
Sears is never short on coupon options. You will find category discounts and individual items. Some discounts are general-use, like $5 off $50 or $30 off $300 and available all the time. In addition to that, you can often score category-specific coupons that will give you a lot more savings and less minimum amount required. Things like tools, fitness equipment, appliances, and clothing items fall into this category.
5. JC Penney
The slowly declining store was not very coupon-friendly a few years ago, but soon understood that discounts are great for staying in business. The store releases quite a few coupons now, so you can always find much needed discounts. 15% off is available all the time, but you can find 20% and 25% off on larger amounts or specific merchandise.
6. Walgreens
Walgreens offers a lot of coupons for photo services, so never pay full price for that. Pick up your latest project in a store and you will definitely be able to get a discount. Some online products and rotating specific items are often offered with coupon codes.
7. Victoria’s Secret
VS is pretty generous with discount codes for underwear, intimates, clothing, beauty, and many other products. You can even stack up to 3 coupons during the check out and see if your combination will work. The store has coupons that apply to wide categories and to smaller sections, like perfume. The most popular coupons are for free shipping, free item with particular purchase, free rewards cards, free gifts, and discounts based on the amount spend, like $15 off $100, $30 off $150, or $75 off $250.
8. Quill
You can make your workplace perfect with various Quill coupons. You will be able to get furniture, office supplies, ink, business machines, and many more with significant savings. Some coupons will give you free gifts with purchases.
9. Cafepress
20% and 40% off are very popular coupons that are available on the ongoing basis. Besides these, you can often receive coupons with equally big discounts for specific categories, like clothing.
10. Bath & Body Works
Some consumers pay regular price for their candles, lotions, and sprays, but there is no reason to do that with plentiful discounts and coupon codes. You can get 20% off with no minimum, $10 off $30, free gifts with purchases, $1 shipping, and many other discounts. You can’s stack codes here, so make sure you know which one will give you the most savings. The only thing you can combine is “buy one, get one” promotion.
11. Kohl’s
You would be crazy not to use at least some coupons at Kohl’s – the retailer is notorious for allowing stacks and stacks of coupons. You can almost always get 15% without any minimum required. $20 off $100 is usually available, but you can also score 20% off everything without a minimum from time to time. Categories like kids clothing have regular coupon codes too. Stack a general category and specific item coupons and don’t forget to include free shipping.
12. One Stop Plus
This retailer is known for general category coupons. Sometimes higher discount can be received on one item, like 40% off, but often large purchases are rewarded better, like 30% off the first and the third highest priced item in your shopping cart. Free shipping is a very popular coupon in this store together with 15% off. Make sure you calculate the best benefit before choosing which discount to use.
13. Macy’s
A few times per month Macy’s offers 10% to 20% off your entire purchase. Use them when you can. Sometimes the retailer rewards its customers will specific category coupons, but they are not as good as 20% everything.
14. Saks Fifth Avenue
This high-end retailer usually has high value coupons, but you do have to buy quite a bit to be eligible. Free shipping can be with no minimum, and you can also stack 5 coupons, so things are not bad here. Codes for free gifts or gifts with certain purchases are often available to make things even sweeter for shoppers. You can also get discounts for certain categories and plenty of free samples with beauty purchase.
15. Kmart
This is Sears sister company, so you will find similar deals here. $5 off $45, 10% off $75, and $10 off $100 are constantly available. Keep an eye on some categories, like shoes, appliances, and toys, because plenty of coupons become available for them on a daily basis.

Some electronic retailers often offer codes for specific items, so if you don’t have a particular item in mind, you should check for such coupon releases before buying.

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