According to this chapter

According to this chapter

According to this chapter, family policies can be moved forward after a thorough examination of the past history. It is through such analysis that a clear foundation of family policy can be found. The author proposes two approaches; adopting a specific wide-ranging family policy that hold up family and confirming efforts towards supporting family policies on a wide range of issues. In order to increase family’s strength, the author argues that these two methods should not be seen as contradicting each other but the best possible ways in which families can be empowered.
In assessing the family policy, the author noted various factors that are key to the success of social programs in the United State of America. He points out that, successful social program should be able to address important values a family can provide to the society, encourage people to join on a voluntary basis, include all people regardless of their political or social class and be able to protect and secure the available resource to prevent any form of misapprotiation.The author further suggests that, history of family impact assessment is essential in understanding and promoting the “family perspective in policy making”. He further outline a procedure that all professional must follow while undertaking a family impact analysis.
According to the author, family impact assessments are supposed to monitor the progress of the social impact and build the capacity for family policy development. He concludes that, both methods are aimed at building the capacity for increasing support and strengthening the family


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