The shone on the earth as far

The shone on the earth as far

The world is a greenhouse. The role of theatmosphere is to insulate and warm the surface ofthe earth. The greenhouse effect is not a newphenomenon. Humans can help reduce theincreasing greenhouse effect.

The atmosphere insulates and warms the surfaceof the earth. Incoming solar radiation passesthrough the atmosphere. The surface of the earthabsorbs some of the radiation.

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The unabsorbedradiation is emitted back out in the form of infraredradiation. Gases, such as, carbon dioxide,methane, nitrous oxide, and water vapor absorbthe reflected infrared radiation. These gasesre-emit infrared radiation, some of which the earthabsorbs. The greenhouse effect is the absorptionof infrared energy by the surface of the earth andthe atmosphere.The greenhouse effect is not a new phenomenon.

The sun has always shone on the earth as far asscientists can say. In addition, the earth has alwayshad an atmosphere. The atmosphere and the gasesin it have caught and trapped solar radiation sincetime began. Life could not continue and would nothave started without the atmospheric gasescreating the Greenhouse effect.Humans can help reduce the greenhouse effect. Byreducing the amount of gases released into theatmosphere, humans can reduce the infraredradiation, which causes the greenhouse effect.There are several ways to control the amount ofgases released.

Humans could take advantage ofthe already existing bus, subway and train systems.Carpooling is another way humans could reducethe amount of harmful emissions gases releasedinto the atmosphere. Filling the gas tank andmowing grass after the sun goes down areadditional ways to reduce the greenhouse effect.The atmosphere is responsible for insulating theearth. It will be too late if there are not steps takensoon to reduce the increasing greenhouse effect.

Ifhumans keep the harmful gases that are in theatmosphere, it will only adding to make thegreenhouse effect worse. The greenhouse effectwill no longer be controllable if humans do not dotheir part now.

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