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This is a book that tells you minute by minute what happened on the titanic.It is written by Walter Lord.It was about how the people reacted when they had first hit and iceberg.Some thought nothing big was going to happen.Until the people where to start wear there life jaket.They had started to put people into there boats.Started to fire off flares and sending out messages to help the titanic.No ship had responded becauseit was named unsinkable.Some just thought that they were having a party.When some wanted to break down a door and be a hero.But the cop told them that if they broke down or destroyed anything.They would be arrested when the titanic reached New York.So many people did not want to be arrested when they reach new york.So when they had started to worry many people tried to jump off and land in a life boat.Oh muddie look at the beautiful north pool withnno santa clause on it little douglas sprddon aid to his motjer as boat 3 threaded itts way trough the cold glasses water and boat4 and 5 as well.As people begain to worry about how much longer the ship would hold up.when someone heard it starting to hear soming crack.the the the the the teh thethebt the teh teh the tnhe the the the the thb y the the the the the the the thethe the the the the the the the the the th ethe the the the the the the theb the the the tejhe the tne ten

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