Trinity Bowie Caroyln Vernon Composition 1 1113

Trinity Bowie Caroyln Vernon Composition 1 1113

Trinity Bowie
Caroyln Vernon
Composition 1
Review of the Titanic
A few months back, I seen the movie Titanic and was very impressed in what I saw. Director James Cameron filmed an action-packed romance set against the voyage of the R.M.S Titanic. The production of the movie was moved to the newly built Fox Baja Studios in Rosarito, Mexico. The movie had a box office 2.187 billion dollars. It cost the White Star Line about 7.5 million to build the R.M.S Titanic and Paramount pictures 200 million to make a movie about it. Never the less, scores of books and a few movies had already come and gone before Cameron caught onto the idea. Cameron’s 5-star movie seemed to overwhelm society and gave them a visual representation of how the scene actually happened.The Titanic is about a caged-spirit woman named Rose, who has to deal with the weight of her mother’s greed and her fiancé’s ego. Convinced that arrangements for the wedding was a hassle, she contemplates suicide on the ships stern. But luckily, a third-classman named Jack talked her down and changed her mind, who sooner became her key to liberation. Jack was a handsome but penniless artist. And as time began to wonder, Rose soon found herself getting more attached to Jack. Meeting in secret, Rose asks him to draw her wearing the Herat of the Ocean’s necklace, which was a gift from Cal (her fiancé). While painting Rose, he studied the features of her body and soon started to notice her inner beauty. Rose and Jack subsequently makes love and Rose tell Jack that she will go with him once the ship docks. But little did they know, they would be experiencing the greatest tragedy of their lives as the witness the Titanic fatal impact with the iceberg.


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