2.7 Social Context
Social context can be defined as “considered society values, altruism, cultural aspects and citizenship” (Mostafa, 2009; Lorek and Fuchs, 2013; Young et al., 2010). Material possession is related to the consumption of GPs but also provides non-material contributions to the quality of life of a community (Lorek and Fuchs, 2013). ‘Social Context’ elements and that consumption is moderately related to ‘Quality and Price’ (Agata M. Ritter, 2015). It is essential to examine why environmental attitudes have a weaker influence on consumer green purchase behaviour; there might be possible factors such as price and availability of the product, and social influences among others that lead to the discrepancy between consumer attitude and purchase behaviour (Yatish Joshia, 2015). In this studies shows that, social context has an obvious effect on the behavioural intentions to consume the green product (Agata M. Ritter, 2015). Social pressure may encourage consumers to purchase GPs (Zhao et al., 2014). Accordingly, this study hypothesizes that;

H3: Green consumption is positively influenced by the social context of the consumer.

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