Worpell of the Ukraine and Russia. The

Worpell of the Ukraine and Russia. The

Worpell 5 in the Czech RepublicWe just arrived in the Czech Republic; the Czech Republic was once part of Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia broke up into the Czech republic and Slovakia, it was one of the few peaceful breakups ever to occur in Europe and Asia.

The Czech republic is located North of Hungary, South of Poland, East of Germany, and West of the Ukraine and Russia. The capital of the Czech republic is Prague. The Czech Republic’s exact position is- longitude, – latitude. Prague’s coordinates are longitudebylatitude.

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We arrived in the Czech Republic onand left foron .While in the Czech Republic we visited many unique sights. One of the most impressive was Prague Castle. It is the most popular and most visited sight in the Czech Republic, so it was a must see attraction for us. We also went to The Castle St.

Vitus, the Cathedral, (which is a gothic landmark), three courtyards, and many huge & beautiful gardens. We visited another church, St. Nicholas, it had a large green cupola. We wanted to get a feel for the people of the country, so we went to Old Town. Old Town is the working heart of Prague, as it has been since the 10th Century. Many of the buildings we went in had gothic insides and Roman basements.

One day we had a picnic on a three hundred and eighteen-meter high hill called Petrin Hill. On top there is actually a network of eight parks. While we were there we stopped at the observatory Petrin Tower. Petrin Tower looks like a small Eiffel Tower and was built in 1891.

We climbed the 299 steps for only 25 kc, (which is Czech money).Next we went to Wencelas Square. This square is the center of cultural, financial and everyday life. There are a lot of theaters, shops, store and banks around to use.

After our adventure in the square we went to see Josefov, the Old Jewish Quarters. Pragues’ former Jewish ghetto was located in Old Town within the streets of Kaprova, Plouha and Ankozi. During World War II the Nazis’ under the control of Hitler wiped out this community. Today only a few thousand Jews still live in Josefov. Back in the 1930’s there were 50,000 Jews living in Josefov.

The last site we went to see was the Old Town Square. The guide said this is the heart of Prague and he was definitely right. The main market place, Old Town Hall and the gigantic astronomical clock are all located there. The last thing we saw before we left was the Our Lady Gothic Church.Words/ Pages : 566 / 24

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