With profound gratitude to God the almighty

With profound gratitude to God the almighty

With profound gratitude to God the almighty, I present this licentiate thesis on ‘Marriage and celibacy in 1 Cor 7’ in Biblical Theology to the Pontificià Università Urbaniana, Rome. I thank God for His abounding grace showered upon me throughout my life especially in my stay and study in Rome.
I acknowledge with sincere gratitude His Excellency Mar George Madathikandathil, bishop of the Eparchy of Kothamangalam for having given me an opportunity to come over here and to pursue higher studies. I am much grateful to the Congregation for the Oriental Churches for granting me the necessary scholarship for my studies. I remember with gratitude all the professors of the department of Biblical Theology of the Pontificià Università Urbaniana who helped me to form a clear Biblical and theological outlook.
Most sincerely and with deep indebtedness, I express my sincere sentiments of gratitude to …………., the director of this thesis for his never-falling availability, scholarly guidance, fraternal encouragements and most valuable corrections for completing this work. I thank also …………… the second reader of this thesis for spending his valuable time for my sake.
I thank all my beloved members of my family, the faithful followers of Christ who belong to my diocese and all my friends and teachers. Finally I remember the gracious intercessions of Blessed Virgin Mary who guides me in the right path of her son.


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