When you take a walk through houses or improvement store

When you take a walk through houses or improvement store

When you take a walk through houses or improvement store, and you are prone to see the word “security” over and over again you can find security guards, lock, camera etc. Asking ourselves, why is protection (safe environment) so important to us? We need to feel safe in our environment. We prefer secured parking with a clearly marked track. We look for a safe and secure environment that allows us to recognize and respond to any danger, just like at home we need safe environments, children in preschool/school need a safe environment that helps them feel secure. Children depend on us to meet their basic needs at the same they also depend on us to protect them from harm so they feel safe allowing children to build relationships and becoming secure and meeting their perspective. In daycare center children need love and positive relationship for healthy brain development and staff working in the center should prevent any kind of harm to children from known risk or accidents. The center should always practice safe and sanitary at the highest risk with children in group care setting is from injuries and infection. Following is nutritional practices food which is safe, sanitizes, stored, prepared and served in a presented way in an appropriate portion and time.

An ideal location for child Centers should have a variety of open space depending on hours they spend in school; the age of the children attending are the 3-5 year and the number of children attending is 50. As these age groups requires space that can accommodate activities that allow children to use large muscles and do vigorous activities indoor and outdoor, the center should contain child friendly classroom, office area where you can meet parents, child- friendly restroom, and food serving space and The center should be designed to allow the children to independently move for body needs such as hunger, thirst, using the toilet and choose activities. Children, outdoor play should require running space, playing ball, climber, swings, slides, and storage of playing items such as tricycles and controlled access for safeguarding the outdoor area. If possible outdoor play should also contain a sand area, water play area, planting flower and vegetable area, pet (animal) area, and should have a 60 fence completely surrounding the play area.The center should completely be safe from air pollution, loud noise, toxic material that should not harm the indoor and outdoor surrounding of the center, the space that the daycare center requires is 40sq feet of free space per child this does not include space used for walkway or staff work areas for classroom, for security the center should have fire warning and safety system, the center to be licensed, well maintained electrical wiring to prevent any injury, staff supervision to prevent hazard and first aid kit. For upkeep in the center procedures for the routine cleaning and maintenance of the facility should be time to time. One person should be responsible for supervising and monitoring cleaning and other maintenance activities.
Promoting health, nutrition, and safety with indoor activities is important in day care center; the center should ensure that children are offered a variety of nutritional food with proper time and portion. Training children to know about their body parts to increase self-esteem and also teach/train them for safety touch as they should be aware of their environment. Children should have up-to-date immunizations that are listed in the national recommendation for their age, condition, and situation. The activity that should be practiced in daycare should be personal and dental hygiene including wiping, flushing, hand washing, cough and sneezing in good manners and tooth brushing; it should be practiced every day as to keep infection and bacteria away. The second activity that is important is expressing and identifying the feeling, in daycare center a child should be allowed to express their feeling while doing an activity that allows him/her to identify their feeling.

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