Welcome parents to our preschool

Welcome parents to our preschool

Welcome parents to our preschool. Our belief is to create healthy, safety and proper nutritional and productive environment for our children whereby they can grow as individual through hands on learning with experiments and activities to support them in group education. In this preschool we join hands with parents to help our children build right foundation for future learning and life. Our goal is to help our children have fun while building active minds, healthy bodies and happy hearts in a friendly stimulating environment whereby your child will grow as an independent, confident and caring individual.

Our belief is to not compare students with one another, but bring out the best within themselves. All work in different ways with given opportunities. Children will blossom at their own pace and time with the help of the adult around them. Parents and teacher will play a vital role bringing out the best in our children. Parents of our preschool will highly be encouraged to be a community in raising children with good ethics and morals. The preschool student are maximum 60 children of age 3-5 years, ratio of 20 kids per teacher and teacher’s assistant and staff member will with them in a class.

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