Steel dump underground on some other property we

Steel dump underground on some other property we

Steel PlantOur steel plant will be located where the baseball field and the gymnasium is. Wewill buy the schools land off the Board of Education.

We plan on tearing down the gym and taking all the bricks and left over materials to the land fill in Princeton. This way more people can keep their homes, and not have to move away. The school will be turned into a hotel for some of the workers who live away from here. If the baseball field and gymnasium isnt enough room for the plant then we will buy the houses and land behind the baseball field. If anyone else wants to move because of the smoke then we will be able to buy their property and expand our company.Our plant will have its own storage dump underground on some other property we own, away from the city. The tanks will be specialized, so the chemicals cant leak out into the ground.

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This will keep the chemicals from harming the local wildlife. At the plant there will be a special filtering system for the smoke that is produced, so it wont effect the air and community.We will use the local coal mines to provide us with the coal we need to produce the steel. The steel plant will make more jobs for the local people.

Also the local graduating classes wont have to go far off to get jobs. If there isnt already another school built for the students then we will donate some of the profits we make to build a school. So the kids will have a good and new school ready for them.

Also we will setup a scholarship to send students to college, also they can come back and have a good job at the plant if they want.Because of the new four-lane highway going through War we will have to build roads to get to the plant. We will hire local road working companies to put in the new roads.With everything we do it should benefit the community in one way or another.

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