We, humans, create about 246 million tons of waste each year and depend on many things for our environment, to satisfy our various needs and in the process of our developments, we create or produce a lot of things which most of the time have no use for us and we simply just throw them away. We often purchase packaged food, can food, bottle drinks and many more. What do we do after? We simply throw away the bottles and wrappers, not only that but we also throw away leftover food. We discard many things such as newspapers, plastics, cardboard, glasses, and broken objects. Why do we waste and dispose of? They can no longer be any use for us or the object is not wanted, old or worthless.

Objects that are no longer useful for us are called ‘waste’. This waste can be as small as a plastic cup to as large as a very old vehicle. We normally get rid of our waste from home by putting our bins outside for someone to collect them but is that the end of it? These wastes go to a series of processes, right from collection to segregation to transportation and some of the wastes are treated and then finally dispose of. The various places of its origin from where waste can be collected one of them is generated in our house which is the domestic waste.

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