ThesisThe work on the farmIII. African AmericansA- slaves

ThesisThe work on the farmIII. African AmericansA- slaves

ThesisThe American war for independence, unlike the French Revolution, didnot destroy a titled aristocracy but did have a significant social impacton certain population groups. Among those changed socially by therevolution are the loyalists, women, African Americans and the nativeAmericans.

I. LoyalistsA- estimated 1/5 to 1/3 of the populationB- included Anglican clergymen, religious minorities, governmentofficials, and some wealthy merchantsC- at wars end some loyalists property was seized by thepatriots and many loyalists were forced to evacuate thecoloniesD- result was a social leveling out of this groupII. WomenA- although they failed to attain the status of equality thatthe war was fought for these women including Abigail Adamschallenged the female inequalityB- wives often followed troops or were even engaged incombat(rare)C- in the absence of men women were forced to take over manyjobs that men would have ordinarily held such as a secretaryor even work on the farmIII. African AmericansA- slaves and free alike came out of the revolution with almostnothing.

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The revolution was fought for freedom for all butslavery continued.B- About 5000 blacks served in the army and navy and wereinvolved in every major battle.C- Fear of possible slave revolts inhibited use of blacks insouthD- However they were gradually freed in the northern and middlestatesIV. Native AmericansA- the protection that the British gave them with theproclamation line of 1763 ended with the revolution now whitemen were free to move in and take whatever they pleased.

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